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Jon and Kate Plus 8 premiere recap

Jon and Kate Plus 8 overwhelmed the Memorial Day Weekend. From a Jon and Kate Plus 8 marathon to the May 25 season premiere, Jon and Kate were everywhere. The premiere episode shattered records, landing an astounding 9.8 million viewers.

Jon and Kate film a birthday party -- notice Kate's security guard!This does not even include the pre-premiere and non-planned publicity that surrounds the couple’s marriage woes. More on that later — first, we want to know how did the premiere handle their current issues?

Jon and Kate Plus 8 began with their troubles front and center. Jon and Kate Gosselin each took turns addressing the camera discussing the way their life has turned in the last several months. It was an effective way to deal with the two-ton elephant in the room — Jon’s alleged infidelity.

After a weekend of witnessing the two together on a couch throughout the Jon and Kate marathon, the difference was immediate.

What was particularly striking was how both Jon and Kate seem to be completely outraged at the paparazzi that are currently swarming around them. This is preposterous. When one enters the realm of reality television, you do not have the luxury of deciding which cameras are fine and which are not.

The Jon and Kate premiere’s big event, other than the Jon and Kate marriage fireworks, was the sextuplet’s fifth birthday. After a weekend of these two and their eight kids, there is no denying that the eight children of Jon and Kate Plus 8 are the true stars of the show. They are impeccably cute and so well spoken. Watching them is a truly a joy. But, at the same time, it also leaves one with a sense of spying on children who had no choice in the matter.

This is the crux of the issue. Once fame entered their lives, things changed. Sure, it was great when fame put millions of dollars in the family Gosselin bank account, but when the spotlight exposes your flaws — you simply cannot turn the cameras off.

Throughout the premiere episode Kate complained about having to tackle the sextuplet’s birthday soiree by herself. What Kate failed to mention is that the party audiences saw on May 25 was a recreation of the children’s real birthday that had occurred a week prior.

Plus, Kate failed to see any correlation between the fact that Jon had spent weeks on end caring for the eight children while Kate was away promoting her book and furthering her fame. One thing audiences did not see was Jon complaining about the time alone while Kate was away and the troubles required taking care of eight children solo.

Jon, for whatever reason — but we can guess — was definitely a separate presence on Jon and Kate Plus 8’s premiere. Kate avoided Jon at all costs, except to yell at him to remove his sunglasses for a family portrait.

It would prove to be an ironic and self-fulfilling prophecy of a portrait for Kate Gosselin. After uttering her first words to Jon throughout the party, “Jon, take off your sunglasses,” Kate has the gall to be sad about how this could be their “last family portrait.”

We’re sorry, but judging by the way Jon was treated on the premiere (he may deserve it), coupled with Kate’s “mother to monster” growing reputation off-screen, it would be no surprise to see these two split up.

The issue that is so disheartening is that these eight beautiful children are stuck in the middle as so many are during parental troubles. As an audience member and no expert on the ins-and-outs- of Jon and Kate’s marriage, one can only assume that as Jon and Kate Plus 8 progresses through its season, next year’s incarnation of the hit show may bear the name Kate Plus 8 — no more Jon.

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