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Mel Gibson confirms girlfriend’s pregnancy

Mel Gibson confirms his Russian girlfriend is pregnant.

Mel and Oksana at the Wolverine premiere in LAAvowed Catholic Mel Gibson shocked fans last month when he filed for divorce after 28 years of marriage and a three-year separation from Wife Robyn. Now we know why he took the leap: his girlfriend is pregnant.

Oksana Grigorieva, a 39-year-old Russian musician, is the winner of the gold-digging jackpot. She is reportedly in her second trimester and due in the fall.”He couldn’t be happier,” says a friend of the actor. “He loves being a father.”He must — Gibson, 53, already has seven children by ex Robyn, the youngest of which is ten years old. Oksana has one son, Alexander, with former boyfriend, actor Timothy Dalton.While initial whispers of the pregnancy indicated Gibson’s children were livid about the new addition to the family, as well as the divorce, a source says that Oksana’s son and the Gibson kids have vacationed together and get along well.

Perhaps they realize it is not Alexander who will be lowering their inheritance and are saving their vitriol for the new baby.

Gibson separated from his wife shortly after his DUI arrest in 2006. His people aren’t saying how long he and Oksana have been getting it on, but they made their first public appearance together at the premiere of Wolverine on April 29.Will he marry his baby mama when the divorce is final?

If so, it will probably be at his private Catholic church in Malibu. Surely Mel can manage to buy a special dispensation to get around that whole “divorce is a sin worthy of excommunication” thing.

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