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American Idol finale

American Idol’s Adam Lambert and Kris Allen hit the stage for their final performances and it was uneven at best. Both boys started out singing a song they had performed earlier in the competition. Adam went with Mad World again but this time he had a cool duster and rolling fog which Simon hated. I thought it was great. Kris went with a moody piano version Ain’t No Sunshine. I call it a tie, Simon called it for Kris.

Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas were crowned the winners of this season of Dancing with the Stars. I’m not happy about that and I explain why in my Dancing recap. Read it here!

Adam and Kris share a laugh on American Idol's finaleBut last night’s hoopla will be barely a squeak when compared to what you’ll hear tonight when American Idol crowns their winner.

Round two was songs chosen by American Idol’s creator Simon Fuller. Two great choices but only one great performance. Adam was fabulous with his emotionally version of A Change is Gonna Come. Kris was given What’s Going On and I was so excited. I love that song and it’s perfect for his voice, sadly he went with a very unemotional, understated performance, which I believe, has lost him the race.

Last, yikes, both boys were forced to perform this hideous finale song written by Kara DioGuardi called No Boundaries. Horrible song and it’s a shame that this was the last thing we’d hear from them on the Idol stage. Adam did his best with the material but poor Kris was stuck with an arrangement that didn’t suit his voice and he was struggling with every note. I wish I could flip the evening around and have them both end where they started.

Adam Lambert on American Idol's finaleOne last musical note. I also had a mixed reaction to Fox’s new series Glee. I love the premise. The actors are fun and the music is right up my alley — so all smiles there. On the down side, it was a long hour. There simply wasn’t enough plot to sustain and I’m really not sure about the level of weirdness that permeates the characters. Why did this have to be the high school version of The Office? Why couldn’t it be Gilmore Girls with music? I’ll have to see a few more episodes before I can decide if this is a win or a miss.

What’s on tonight?

American Idol

The end is near…in just a few hours, actually. It’s a huge two-hour plus season finale so set your DVR’s to run over because according to Ryan Seacrest, American Idol plans to run long.

Isn’t that an oxymoron — planning to run over? The top 13 we all be back on stage and then it’ll be vamp until the very last moment.

It’s going to be a long night leading up to a big finish. Will it be a Kris Allen upset? We shall see.

Watch American Idol beginning at 8:00 on Fox.

CBS Comedies

It’s the season finale of The New Adventures of Old Christine and Gary Unmarried. First up, it’s a very special wedding day for Old Christine as she has eyes for the father of the bride, aka Scott Bakula. Then Gary and Allison go for a little sex therapy, as in sex is great therapy when you do it over and over and over again.

Old Christine has its finale tonight on CBS

Watch the CBS comedy finales beginning at 8:00.

Criminal Minds

The fourth season of Criminal Minds comes to a two-hour conclusion with a gritty tale of a serial killer who takes his victims over the border into Canada and one agent’s life is in peril! It won’t be pretty but it’s sure to be good.

Watch the Criminal Minds season finale beginning at 9:00 on CBS.

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American Idol — Pictured: L-R: Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and Ryan Seacrest at the American Idol top 2 performance show Tuesday, May 19 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox. Frank Micelotta/Fox
The New Adventures of Old Christine: Love: A Cautionary Tale– Christine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) learns some shocking news about New Christine’s father, Papa Jeff (Scott Bakula).
Photo: Danny Feld/Warner Bros.

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