Angels and Demons edges Star Trek

Tom Hanks continues to wield his magic touch at the box office. His Angels and Demons finished first over the weekend.

Besting last week’s number one, Star Trek, by $5 million, Hanks and Ron Howard combined once again to create a hit. This time, it is Angels and Demons, and the pairing resulted in a $48 million opening weekend. Their previous efforts, Splash, Apollo 13 and the Da Vinci Code, had better openings, but the $48 million top box office finish certainly justified the duo’s tackling the Dan Brown prequel. Will we see another?

Tom Hanks and Angels and Demons are number one

Star Trek continued its strong run at the summer box office, taking in another $43 million. Star Trek’s two-week total has gone over the revered $100-million mark, guaranteeing JJ Abrams’ Kirk, Spock and Uhura future visits to silver screens. Exactly how much, you ask? Star Trek has earned $148 million in two short weeks.

Hugh Jackman and his solo X-Men adventure Wolverine also continued their hot streak. Adding another $14.8 million to its $151 million total, the X-Men Origins film has also guaranteed another visit from Jackman’s steely creature to the Cineplex in the near future.

The box office this week will get a one-two punch sure to knock all the top three down the weekend top 10. Premiering May 22 is Warner Brothers’ Terminator: Salvation starring Christian Bale and Bryce Dallas Howard.

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The other spoke in the new movie wheel this weekend is the Wayans’ brothers new spoof film, Dance Flick. We spoke to Christina Murphy from the comedy — look for that exclusive interview on May 20, as well.

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The box office top 5

1 Angels and Demons ($48 million)
2 Star Trek ($43 million)
3 X-Men Origins: Wolverine ($14.8 million)
4 Ghosts of Girlfriends Past ($6.86 million)
5 Obsessed ($4.55 million)

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