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Cynthia Nixon engaged

Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon is engaged to her longtime girlfriend Christine Marinoni.

Cynthia Nixon is getting married!Nixon revealed the news at a New York City rally for gay marriage, said a source on the scene. While speaking at the Love, Peace and Marriage Equality Rally, Nixon told the crowd she and Marinoni became engaged last month.

Sex star Kristin Davis also appeared onstage with Nixon during the announcement but didn’t speak.Last year, Nixon — a breast cancer survivor — told Access Hollywood that she and Marinoni would get married if New York legalized it.

“I think we would definitely (get married) if it became legal in New York,” Nixon says. “I don’t really want to get married to get married-pretend. I think we’d like to do it in a real, actual, legal way that the state would recognize.”

New York Governor David Paterson has proposed a bill granting legal equality to same-sex unions.Nixon surprised pals — and herself — by coupling up with Marinoni in 2003 after splitting with husband Danny Mozes, with whom she has two children.”I was pretty shocked, I have to tell ya,” Cynthia told Oprah Winfrey last year. “It kinda made my day.””Love is love,” says costar Kristin Davis. “I think that’s the important thing. There’s something real and intangible and solid about it that you can’t really dissect or analyze. That’s how I feel when I’m around them. It’s just undeniable.”

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