Ghost Whisperer plans her wedding

May 15, 2009 at 5:07 p.m. ET

Jennifer Love Hewitt's Ghost Whisperer finale has her close to a wedding. Plus, we have a BBC gift that's deliciously Primevil.

The Grim Reaper was working overtime last night as several season finales ended with a death in addition to a bang. Spoilers ahead so if you're not caught up, skip now to what's on tonight.

Smallville - I knew Jimmy Olson was in trouble the minute he learned Clark Kent's secret. Sure enough, not a half hour later he was dead. A surprising twist since even the least informed Superman fans know that Jimmy Olson is part of the fabled universe of Clark, Lois and the Daily Planet. Apparently, not this Jimmy Olson. Actor Aaron Ashmore says he's out looking for work, so I'm going to assume he's really gone for good.

Smallville's Super cast

Supernatural - We were expecting it to be the final battle between evil Sam and angel Dean, but what we got was Sam doing the right thing only to find out it was the wrong thing! Turns out Ruby's been playing Sam all season (I knew it) in order to get him to kill Lilith and release Lucifer upon the world. Dean arrives in time to kill Ruby (hear the fans cheering) but now it looks like the end of the world is nigh.

Grey's Anatomy -- Not sure who is dead at the end of Grey's Anatomy but it could be Izzie and George. Not that surprising since both actors have been vocal about wanting to leave the show. Izzie went flatline but she wasn't pronounced dead, so she could be back. George went off to war...sort of. A John Doe comes into the emergency room. This man pushed a woman out of the way of a bus then was hit and dragged for blocks. Oh no! It's George! When we see both Izzie and George meeting in the elevator, it appears to be a metaphor for him guiding her to the other side, but then this is Grey's so you'll have to wait for the new season of Grey's Anatomy to know for sure.Bones - What? I had a feeling going into it that it was going to be shades of Bobby in the shower. The much touted, Bones and Booth 'get it on' episode turned out to be either Booth's drug endued hallucination or Bones' draft of a new book. The irony here is, if I knew that up front, I would have happily gone along for the ride but I don't like being scammed. The cliffhanger? Booth wakes up in the hospital, looks at Bones and...he doesn't know her! He has amnesia. Oh please. Time to put Bones to bed.So what did you think of last night's finales? Hits or misses?

What's on tonight?

A few more hit shows wrap up for the season and we start with Ghost Whisperer and Jennifer Love Hewitt.


Ghost Whisperer

While putting what she thinks are the finishing touches on her wedding, a death very close to home puts our favorite Ghost Whisperer -- Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) -- and Eli (Jamie Kennedy) on the trail of a stolen rare antiquity. It is a book with vital clues about Melinda and Jim's (David Conrad) unborn child.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and gang on Ghost Whisperer

I expect this Ghost Whisperer to be a tearjerker so come prepared. If you want to have some fun first, play the Find the Book of Changes interactive game online at

Watch the season finale of Ghost Whisperer at 8:00 on CBS.

Prison Break takes a breakPrison Break

When this show began four seasons ago, no one thought it could last more than one. How often can one guy break out of prison, right?

But like 24, the producers managed to take their clever hook and turn it into one of the most popular action series on TV. And even more surprising was the huge female audience that hung on to see Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller week after week. This is the big one, folks, the two-hour series finale that has Michael trying to take down The Company once and for all.

Watch the series finale of Prison Break beginning at 8:00 on Fox.


At the end of last week's episode, Amita was kidnapped now it's up to Charlie and the FBI to save her from a deranged cult leader. Battlestar Galactica's James Callis guest stars as the charismatic guru. Lou Diamond Philips also returns in his role as Agent Edgerton and that always means an exciting time will be had by all.

Watch the Numb3rs season finale of at 10:00 on CBS.

Weekend's must watch: Saturday

If you settle into one show all weekend, head to BBC America and get Primeval.



The dinosaurs are back and so are Cutter and his team as they struggle to recover from the death of one of their own.

A BBC America hit

There are new players, new monsters and action scenes the likes of which you never see on TV. It's Primeval, back for a third season on BBC America.

Watch Primeval at 9:00 on BBC America.Photo credit:
Smallville -- Pictured: (L to R) Erica Durance as Lois Lane, Sam Witwer as Davis Bloom, Aaron Ashmore as Jimmy Olsen, Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan, Tom Welling as Clark Kent, Cassidy Freeman as Tess and Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen. Frank Ockenfels/The CW
Prison Break -- Michael (Wentworth Miller, R) dreams of a happily-ever-after with Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies, L). Greg Gayne/Fox
Primeval -- BBCAmerica

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