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The View of Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s pregnancy

As fans of The View, you know all about Elisabeth Hasselbeck being pregnant with baby number three. What is news is Hasselbeck admits this pregnancy is beyond smooth.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sheri Shepherd are Time 100 winnersWhile Elisabeth and husband Tim are expecting their third child this August, she seems incredibly busy these days. The mom of Grace, 4, and Taylor Thomas, 1, indicates she has so much going on that she’s not really paying attention to her pregnancy.

Between two kids running around, her book, and oh yeah — The View — it’s no wonder why Hasselbeck has her hands full.

Hasselbeck recently admits that this is very different than her first pregnancy where you’re “a pregnant goddess and everyone is running around giving you water.”

As for now? She’s lucky to just have the prenatal pill at the end of each day!

Elisabeth is also letting her kids enjoy each other’s company before another baby is added to their family. Every now and then Hasselbeck reminds them another sibling is on the way. Let’s face it: at one and four-years-old, she says, Grace and Taylor Thomas each have unique perspectives of their new brother or sister’s pending arrival.On a recent taping of The View, one audience member asked Hasselbeck what she’s having.

Always the quick wit, co-host Joy Behar retorted, “A Republican!”

Simply another example how The View is soaring to new heights in the last year.

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