30 Rock, the Office finale preview

The Office and 30 Rock each had huge season finales May 14. We’ve got your behind-the-scenes look!

Fey rocks n’ rolls

The 30 Rock finale features a phenomenal list of celebrity guest stars including Alan Alda, Sheryl Crow, Mary J. Blige, Elvis Costello and more.Watching the Girlie Show’s madcap team mix with the likes of those names above should be a television treat for the ages. 30 Rock is enjoying its best season yet, and Fey, Baldwin and company deserve the Emmys they won — and the ones they lost!

30 Rock preview

Comedy done right, courtesy of Tina Fey and her band of merry men and women. The 30 Rock season finale airs at 9:30 pm on NBC.

The Office overflows with hilarity

Meanwhile, after a season that saw Steve Carell’s Michael Scott starting his own paper company and then allowing himself to be bought out and brought back into Dunder Mifflin, the Office has never been better.The Office marks its 100th episode with an unforgettable season finale. We’ve got your behind-the-scenes look at the manic comics that inhabit Scranton, Pennsylvania’s biggest paper company.

The Office: Behind the scenes

Join Steve Carell and the Office cast for a look at tonight’s season finale.  

The Office: Season finale preview

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