Grey’s Anatomy, CSI finales

Finales abound (seven in all!) as Grey’s Anatomy saves the best for last, 30 Rock rocks a star-studded episode, and CSI wraps up with a knockout.

Tyra and Teyona, America's Next Top Model winnerSo, it’s Kris Allen versus Adam Lambert for the title of American Idol. Crazy! Like I’ve been saying, I adore Kris but I thought Danny Gokey had more star power. Do I think Kris can beat Adam in the American Idol finale? No. But the way things have been going on the show, who knows! Not that it really matters as all three of them are sure to have fine careers going forward after American Idol.

Reality TV Magazine’s Britteny Elrick tells us all about Adam Lambert’s Entertainment Weekly cover here!

America’s Next Top Model crowned a winner last night – the sweet Teyona took home the prize over Allison. I didn’t feel invested in either girl, so it was an anticlimactic ending.

Check out Reality TV’s Elrick’s full run-down here!

Last night’s America’s Next Top Model was also the last we’ll be seeing of Paulina Porizkova, too. She told Craig Ferguson on The Late, Late Show that she was fired — over the phone and on her birthday. I’m good with that. Porizkova adds nothing to the show and I’d rather see Jay Manuel sitting in the last chair. He’d make a fine judge!

Tonight there are seven season finales! Tonight’s must-watch leads with the Grey’s Anatomy season finale:

Grey’s Anatomy

As if last week’s episode wasn’t heart breaking enough, we have tonight’s stunning finale. Izzie must decide whether or not to undergo the cancer surgery while several of the gang have big announcements to make. Are they really going to kill off Izzie? Does it matter?

Like Supernatural, dead doesn’t always mean dead on Grey’s. It would simply mean that she and Denny can now haunt the place, together.

Meredith and Derek...will they on tonight's Grey's Anatomy?

Watch the two-hour season finale of Grey’s Anatomy at 9:00 on ABC.

Bones and Hell’s Kitchen

Bones ends the season with a very strange episode that has the team taking on roles outside of the norm to solve a murder at a nightclub called “The Lab.”

Bones goes to the end to find the beginningThere’s a whole list of Bones familiar guest stars including Eric Millegan (Zack), Ryan O’Neal (Max Keenan), Brendan Fehr (Jared Booth) and even the rock group Motley Crue. Rumor has it that before all is said and done Bones and Booth will consummate their…friendship.

Watch the Bones season finale at 8:00 on Fox. That’s followed by the season finale of Hell’s Kitchen.

Smallville and Supernatural

The CW goes out with bang tonight as both shows take on the ultimate battle between good and evil. On Smallville, Clark and the Justice League band together to bring down Doomsday (aka Davis Bloome) but as is the norm on this show, one of the good guys isn’t going to make it through the fight alive.Then on Supernatural, Sam and Dean both set out to stop Lucifer from rising each on his own path. Dean has heavenly help from Castiel and the angels where as Sam is working his demon mojo and who knows what that will lead to. I suspect another good soul will fall tonight, but take heart fans, because no one stays dead forever on Supernatural.Watch the season finales of Smallville and Supernatural beginning at 8:00 on The CW.


You get more CSI for your dollar tonight as both shows deliver huge season finales. First, on CSI, Langston’s use of deadly force will have far reaching consequences. Cynthia Watros (Lost) and Gerald McRaney (Jericho) guest star.Then on CSI: NY a kidnapping turns the world upside for the team when two of their own are caught in the crossfire.Watch the season finale of CSI and CSI: NY beginning at 9:00 on CBS.Photo credit:
America’s Next Top Model — Pictured left to right: Teyona and Tyra Banks Cycle 12 Photo: Nigel Barker/The CW
Bones: The End in the Beginning — Pictured Brennan (Emily Deschanel, L) and Booth (David Boreanaz, R). Cr: Greg Gayne/Fox
Grey’s Anatomy: Here’s to the Future — Pictured Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey. Credit: ABC/Scott Garfield.

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