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Dancing with the Stars recap: week 10

From Dancing with the Stars baby pictures to some very grown up dance routines, the top four put on one heck of a show. DWTS was extended by a half hour, but that meant they had a lot of time to fill. I wish they had filled it with more pro dance numbers like the one that started the night, but they did it with pre-taped package after package.

Gilles and Cheryl do the waltzOne saving grace on week 10’s Dancing with the Stars, there were no goofy skits, just more chances to get to know the stars and their pros. They filled the first half hour with each couple reviewing two of their favorite dances.

I liked this more than I thought I would as the twosomes gave their honest reactions to watching themselves perform. It felt very casual and little less rehearsed than usual, which was probably due to the fact that they put these together at the last minute.

Even with a dress rehearsal under their belts, Tom made a comment about how Ty didn’t stick to the script. I bet he didn’t realize there was one!

On to the dancing!

Dancing with the Stars: ballroom blitz

Melissa and Tony were up first with a very lovely and respectable Quickstep to I’ve Got Rhythm. Still, there was something lacking here and the judges knocked them down a little for not bringing the sparkle to the floor.

Gilles and Cheryl followed that with a stunning Waltz to Nora Jones’ Come Away With Me. It was slow and dreamy and I got totally swept away. As did the judges, since they gave them a perfect 30.

It was also a 30 for Shawn and Mark and their Argentine Tango. Once again, I’m left wondering why.

I don’t think Shawn did a very good job of capturing the sharpness and the danger of the dance. If she wins this, I’ll be one very unhappy camper.

Argentine Tango is less than extraordinary on DWTS

Ty and Chelsie sparked a huge debate between the judges with their Viennese Waltz. Once again, we all admit that Ty has come a long way on Dancing with the Stars, and he’s a joy to watch, but he’s not as talented as the other three. What was Len thinking, giving him a 9?

Melissa and Tony: DTWS favorites?As we move into the Latin Round, we’re given a look at the childhood of each of the celebrities. I enjoyed these packages and I wonder if they’ll have any effect on the final results.

Gilles’, for example, details a life of struggle as a child and no dance training of any kind. Melissa, on the other hand, shows a girl who took ballet and was a successful Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader — both of which would help her immensely on the show.

And how sweet was that footage of baby Ty in his tiny chaps and cowboy hat? I’m telling you, those photos may have swayed people to vote and Shawn could be the one in trouble tonight.

Dancing with the Stars: Latin lust

In the Latin Round, Melissa and Tony perform a strange Cha Cha to Save the Last Dance for Me. There’s something odd about the rhythm be it the choreography or the song – either way, it felt uncomfortable.

Melissa still doesn’t have the energy and spark we saw in previous rounds, which makes me wonder if that rib injury is hurting more than we know.

Gilles and Cheryl performed a sassy salsa that got them another perfect score and left Len wishing he had an 11 paddle! I liked it, but I didn’t like it that much.

Bruno said, “Lil’ Kim is alive and well and living in Gilles pants.” Yikes! This is supposed to be a family show.

Shawn and Mark did a fun Jive that was full of jump but Len came back with a disappointing 8.

Ty and Chelsie do their Dancing

Ty and Chelsie finished with an awkward Samba that gave them the lowest score of the night, a mere 23 out of 30. That should put them out of the competition, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Best dress: Melissa’s old Hollywood Quickstep gown.
Best song: Gilles and Cheryl dancing to Come Away With Me

Tune in tonight for more of the pros competition and I believe we’ll be seeing the Create a Dance winning number as well. It all happens tonight at 9:00 on ABC.

Photos: ABC/Kelsey McNeal

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