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Gossip Girl flashes back

With the extended edition of Dancing with the Stars, a couple of season finales and one cleverly disguised spin-off (Gossip Girl), you’ll need two DVR’s in order to see it tonight’s must-watch TV!

Wishing you all a happy belated Mother’s Day, I hope you had a restful or exciting day, which ever you prefer. I woke up to a photo of the Winchester brothers from Supernatural propped up on a small easel beside my bagel breakfast and a pile of already cut out coupons from Sunday’s paper. Not a bad way to start to the day.

Did you watch the season finale of Dollhouse on Friday? Not many people did and I fear that might have been the final nail in this show’s coffin. The episode was one of the best with the crazed Alpha battling his multiple personalities while trying to create the perfect woman. Creepy and funny all at the same time, the true hallmark of a Joss Whedon production.Over on CBS, Numb3rs turned in another great performance with a shocking ending. Charlie and Amita were on their way out to dinner when bandits pulled up and kidnapped her right off the street. It’s a set up for an angst-filled finale that I’ll tell you more about later this week.Tonight’s what to watch:

Dancing with the Stars

Gossip Girl goes back to the '80sIt’s the Dancing with the Stars semi-finals with four couples left on the dance floor; Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas, Gille Marini and Cheryl Burke, Ty Murray and Chelsie Hightower, and Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani.Who will make it to the finals? Could be any combination of the three and I sincerely mean that. I don’t know why Ty is still in the competition but if the fans kept him in this long, I don’t see why they won’t keep him in for more week.Watch Dancing with the Stars at 8:00 on ABC.

Gossip Girl

We’re going back in time with a star-studded flashback episode that makes clever use of footage from a spin-off pilot. Brittany Snow stars as a young Lily Rhodes (aka Lily van der Woodsen) living it up in Los Angeles in the 1980’s. Andrew McCarthy and Cynthia Watros play mom and dad and Krysten Ritter is sister Carol. The Gossip Girl flashback episode also features an appearance by No Doubt and plenty of those horrible colorful clothes that were so popular in the era.The spin-off series was intended to be on the fall CW schedule but recent rumblings say it may be a no go. We’ll have to wait until the end of May for the official word.Watch Gossip Girl at 8:00 on The CW. And don’t miss our photo sneak peak of tonight’s episode here.


The promos for tonight’s season finale of House promise to deliver the biggest shocker yet! The multi-talented Hollywood icon, Carl Reiner, guests in this story about a man whose right and left brain are operating independently, giving him two distinct personalities.Castle shoots and scoresAs the two sides of Scott’s brain struggle for dominance, his warring personalities make it increasingly difficult for the team to figure out what is causing the unique problem. The House team is forced to use some unusual methods to get him to cooperate with their necessary testing. Meanwhile, when House refuses to make an appearance in the clinic, Cuddy takes an unconventional approach to force House to make up the time with a particular patient played by guest star Reiner.Watch House at 8:00 on Fox.


Over before it’s barely begun, Nathan Fillion’s charming detective series delivers a season finale that should leave you wanting more. (The signs are pointing to yes!) The story revolves around the death of a plastic surgeon and Castle’s daughter heading off to the prom. Can you guess which will be more traumatic for the author turned sleuth?

The promos also promise a big reveal in regard to Detective Beckett’s background, something that will “change their relationship forever.”Watch Castle at 10:00 on ABC.

News and notable

CBS has officially picked up the still unnamed NCIS spin-off that was introduced on the show last week. They also picked up the legal drama The Good Wife starring Julianna Margulies.It’s a big week for Joan Rivers, not only did she win Celebrity Apprentice but she also got hired by TVLand to host their new series How’d You Get So Rich? Rivers will travel the globe interviewing multimillionaires who made their money with some crazy ideas and some very simple inventions.

Celebrity Apprentice winner Joan Rivers

ABC is working on a new series with Ryan Seacrest and celebrity chef Jaime Oliver. Oliver will travel around the country getting entire towns to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

Photo credit:
Gossip Girl: Valley Girls — Pictured: Brittany Snow as Lily Rhodes, Krysten Ritter as Carol Rhodes Photo Credit: Michael Desmond / The CW
Castle: A Death in the Family — Pictured: Drew Osborne, Susan Sullivan, Nathan Fillion, Molly Quinn. Photo: ABC/Richard Cartwright
How’d You Get So Rich — Pictured: Joan Rivers. Photo: TVLand

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