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Miss California controversy continues

Miss California is thrust into the spotlight again, this time for racy photos.

Carrie Prejean’s racy photos have her in hot water againBy now you may have heard that Miss California, Carrie Prejean.

Prejean got into hot water with her anti-gay marriage stance during the Miss USA competition. News has recently surfaced that Carrie Prejean’s title may be in jeopardy thanks to racy photos which surfaced on the internet.

Pictures are surfacing that are less-than-clean and by that we mean less-than-clothed. The Miss USA pageant specifically has information outlined in each and every contract regarding racy photos. They are strictly forbidden.

Miss California apparently did not say there were any skin photographs surfacing. Carrie’s title is in jeopardy as she apparently told pageant organizers she did not take any non-clothed photos.

However, we heard that if some contestants are actually honest about posing for racy pics, the Miss USA Organization may cut a deal with photographers to keep the photos confidential. In any event, the controversy continues as to whether or not Miss California may keep her crown.

A backlash may have been released with Carrie Prejean’s statements during the competition which perhaps prompted the racy pics to be leaked. All we know is this makes us want to rent Miss Congeniality 1 and 2!

Also…is she dating Michael Phelps?

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