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Grey’s Anatomy inside scoop

Grey’s Anatomy has a stellar history of casting interns, and “Laura,” as played by Candice Afia, is no exception. As Grey’s celebrates 100 episodes and peers into its May 14, fifth-season finale, Afia shares an exclusive look into life on the set of America’s hottest medical drama.

Plus, you do not want to Miss Afia’s take on the McDreamy versus McSteamy argument. The actress’ answer is priceless. Grey’s Anatomy has its two-hour season finale May 14 at 9 pm.

First 100 and finale

SheKnows: There is certainly a lot of attention on Grey’s Anatomy with the May 7 100th episode and the May 14 season finale. Only just over 100 shows in the history of television have hit that mark. What does that mean to you to be a part of that history?

Candice Afia interns on Grey's Anatomy

Candice Afia: It’s funny. When I first started working with Grey’s Anatomy, I thought it was going to be just one episode. As actors, we’re always happy to be working. For the fun to keep going is exciting. I’m always grateful for each day I get to work and each episode I get to work. Hitting that 100 episodes… any actor looks back on the time she’s spent (and sees) it’s such a blessing to have been a part of that.

Grey’s set fights?

SheKnows: What was it like for you, having a firsthand view of the supposed turmoil on the Grey’s set?Candice Afia: I was at the wrap party last night for this season, and we were just talking about how everybody works so well together from the top down. The attitudes and demeanors are so nice and so giving. Everyone’s so sweet [laughs]. I have never seen attitudes flare up or egos get in the way. I don’t feel any kind of tension. Of course, there are long days sometimes, but, everybody comes together. The crew is amazing. I have been on numerous sets and with some of them, people don’t work so well together. When I first joined Grey’s, I thought, ‘Wow, everyone’s so nice.’ Everything is just so well run.Candice Afia, an actress to watchSheKnows: Professionally or personally, were there particular actors or actresses on the Grey’s Anatomy set that you felt a certain affinity with?Candice Afia: I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many of them — equal amounts of time. I’ve really enjoyed working with Justin Chambers, who plays my resident,. He’s such a sweetheart. It’s funny: His character is such a gruff bad-boy type. Before I joined the show, I didn’t really know what to expect. When I first met him, I was given the direction to be scared of him. He’s mean. (But) he’s so nice! He’s got five kids. He’s such a down-to-earth person.I love Chandra, too. She’s been really great. I’ve had several scenes with her where I’ve looked at her as a teacher in a way.

Grey’s great fans

SheKnows: You’ve appeared on several well-known TV shows and are yourself a fan of TV. There’s a fan base, and there are the Grey’s Anatomy fans. There are tons of websites, including the fabulously named Have you felt that love out and about?Candice Afia: Oh, yes (laughs0. People love Grey’s. Love it! They can’t get enough. My family and friends were so excited that I could be on that show. Of course, I can’t say a thing about what’s going to happen. When I found out I was going to be a part of it, I got all the past seasons and watched all of them in a weekend. It was pretty intense, but I laughed and I cried. I see why people love it!SheKnows: Anything you might know about the season finale?Candice Afia: Oh, I…(laughs), I can’t say what I know!

McDreamy versus McSteamy: The inside verdict

SheKnows: At the least, would you be willing to weigh in on the McDreamy versus McSteamy debate? Of course, who’s hotter depends on your definition of hot.Candice Afia: It does…SheKnows: Your thoughts on this whole well… phenomenon?

Patrick Dempsy vs Eric Dane: Who's hotter?

Candice Afia: The ‘Mc’ phenomenon. It’s so cute. They’re both hot in different ways. I say McDreamy. The names go with their ‘Mc’ thing. McDreamy is that dream guy who everybody wants to be with — have a relationship with. McSteamy — it’s just hotness (laughs). That’s all. That’s the first thing you think of. The relationship? I don’t even think I need that. He’s just hot!

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