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Prince’s Rainforest SOS: celebrities caring

Prince William and Prince Harry, as well as their father Prince Charles, know that earth day has passed. Their Prince’s Rainforests Project was launched May 5 and seeks to keep the Earth Day spirit generating positive environmental impact everyday.

We have a video several of the celebrities who have joined the cause including James Bond himself, Daniel Craig as well as a personal message from Prince Harry and Prince William compelling the world to join their cause and put an end to the deforestation of the world’s rainforests.

Prince Charles, Harry and William are calling for world action

By visiting, people can create a very public discussion for world leaders to listen to and take action on their behalf. With the Royals behind the effort, the attention has been grabbed of the world’s press and it’s time for the public to take control of the issue to cement deforestation as a word only used in our culture’s past.

The campaign’s purpose is to craft a level of awareness and required international concern that will spawn action by the powers-that-be to end deforestation permanently. By signing up on the above website, your name will be added to the rolls of the millions who demand action.The Rainforest SOS campaign produced a short public awareness film starring Harrison Ford alongside the Royals as well as the Dalai Lama and Robin Williams. It is a diverse group of spokespeople that mirrors the diversity of the world that will pay the price of losing the tropical rainforests.

Native peoples need our help to prevent extinction

As this is also entertainment news, the truly joyous aspect of the experience is the ability for the user to personally insert their own video to appear alongside the Princes, Mr. Bond and yes, a delightfully cute little frog!

View the film and register to help at or by texting ‘SOS’ and your email address to 60777*.

The Prince’s Rainforests project video

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