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Dancing with the Stars shocks

Dancing with the Stars has a shocker and American Idol dodges falling set accidents. There was something freaky in the air last night in Hollywood and that shook up two of TV’s biggest reality TV shows.

Kris and Danny sing amongst American Idol's crashesAmerican Idol was cursed with two bizarre accidents that happened during dress rehearsal, leaving the cast a little shaken come show time. First, an Idol stage manager took a nasty fall when the stairs that retract after Ryan’s entrance closed prematurely.

Though reports have minimized her injuries, after reading an eyewitness account of the accident, I can’t see how it couldn’t be serious.

As if that wasn’t upsetting enough, shortly before the show went live, the spinning American Idol logo high atop a stage pillar came loose from its moorings and fell, showering the stage with broken glass.

The theater had to be evacuated and it’s incredible that no one was hurt during that process.

All of this high drama kept them from running a dress rehearsal and that may have been part of the problem with Kris and Danny’s rendition of Renegade. After the judges said it sounded like they couldn’t hear themselves singing, Danny replied that it was indeed a problem. For the rock round, the band was incredibly close to the singers, and Danny pointed out that there was a huge amp right behind him. It was a rough night for everyone, with the exception of Adam, who probably thrives on drama. I fear Kris may be going home tonight, though I’d prefer it to be Allison. Either way it should be Danny and Adam for the final two.

A great dancer, Lil' Kim, is sent home on DWTSThe big shock of the night came an hour later on Dancing with the Stars. Short version; Ty Murray made it to the finals. Lil’ Kim was sent packing. The audience was very unhappy and it was shades of Sabrina Bryan all over again.One last quick note, a big smile for Fox who not only aired numerous Star Trek movie clips during Fringe (the movie and the show both come from JJ Abrams) but they also included a huge Trek shout out in the episode’s dialogue.

That wasn’t a coincidence, was it?

Let’s see what drama tonight will bring…

Tonight On TV — Wednesday, May 6

ABC begins with the series finale of Scrubs, then it’s new episodes of Lost and The Unusuals.Fox starts with Lie to Me then it’s another elimination on American Idol. Watch as Daughtry performs and the final four become the terrific three.CBS has new episodes of New Adventures of Old Christine, Gary Unmarried, Criminal Minds, and then CSI: NY welcomes a new baby into the family.The CW has America’s Next Top Model and a rerun of 90210 .NBC is all Law & Order with a CI, an SVU and then an original.

Over on cable

The models strip down for another episode of Bravo’s Make Me a Supermodel.Julia, what are you doing on New Adventures of the Old ChristineIt’s Dinner Impossible on Food Network.The Cougar stalks a few good, young men on TVLand and Real World/Road Rules Challenge is new on MTV.

News and notable

The New Adventures of Old Christine has been renewed for a full season but it may not air on CBS. If the Eye doesn’t pick up the show, ABC will air the series themselves.The CW is giving Sunday’s back to the local affiliates after two failed attempts at programming it themselves.HBO has picked up Treme from the people behind The Wire. This series follows the citizens of New Orleans as they recover after Katrina.Photo credit:
Dancing with the Stars — Pictured: Derek Hough, Lil’ Kim, Chelsie Hightower, Ty Murray. Photo: ABC/Kelsey McNeal
American Idol: Kris Allen (L) and Danny Gokey (R) perform together. Credit: Ray Mickshaw/Fox
The New Adventures of Old Christine — Pictured: Christine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, right) and Barb (Wanda Sykes, left). Photo: Greg Gayne/Warner Bros.

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