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Grey’s Anatomy 100th episode

Katherine Heigl, Sandra Oh and the rest of Grey’s Anatomy share the excitement of their 100th episode, to be broadcast May 7, by sharing what it means to turn 100 and to approach another season finale.

Grey's Anatomy looks pretty good for 100“We’ve been talking about it for about a month now,” Katherine Heigl says. “Every episode, we tick down — 100’s almost here. It’s 98, 98-and-a-half! We’ve all been very prepared for our 100th.”

100 and season five finale

For Sandra Oh and others, working on Grey’s Anatomy for the last 100 episodes has been rewarding, but taxing. The hit television show often requires 15-hour days — every day.”We’re really excited. It’s funny: We got a memo and it said, ‘We’ve done 6,000 episodes! No, it’s really 100. It just feels like 6,000!’ It’s a bit of both,” Oh says. “It feels like it’s gone by really, really quickly. And we’re very tired. In a way, that still makes us happy. One-hundred episodes is very much a milestone.”Chandra Wilson appreciates the master work of creator Shonda Rhimes. “It’s hard to have a vision for 100 because it seems so unattainable. But, this season, knowing that number was coming, I started thinking about it. I know the rest of the cast started thinking about it. So, it was really nice to get here,” Wilson says. “TV comes and goes so much now. As someone who likes TV, I like to be able to turn on certain nights and see my shows. It’s nice that we’ve been on this long because it’s a piece of TV consistency for the audience. We want to stick around and be a part of that.”

Two hit series are only the beginning for Shonda Rhimes

Mom to Grey’s mastermind

Creator Shonda Rhimes is proud of joining a select group of television programs who have broached the 100-episode mark. “It’s history. It feels really amazing to me that 115 other shows have done this, and we’re doing it. I’m a huge fan of television,” Rhimes says.Even fewer series have scored successful spin-offs, as Rhimes has done with Private Practice.”To feel I was somebody who went from sitting on my couch watching [TV] one day with my baby on my lap to somebody who’s writing for it is amazing,” she says. “To get to 100 episodes is crazy.”

Ellen Pompeo believes much of the credit for the show’s success lays squarely on the shoulders of the Grey’s Anatomy nation of die-hard fanatics.

“It’s a testament to the fans and how loyal they are. We’re so grateful to them that they’ve stuck with us through 100 episodes. Because we all know, none of us would be here without the huge fan base that we have,” Pompeo says. “They’re the reason we’re here for 100 episodes.”

Here’s to 100 more.

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