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Idol shocks and Private Practice closes

American Idol shocked us all last night. Adam Lambert was sent into the bottom two. I have a feeling this is the result of over-confident Adam fans. They’ve stopped voting because they figure him for a lock. Guess not. It was Matt who went home but it was a tense night with Kris also standing on the wrong side of the stage. What’s up with that?

It was close for Mr. Lambert on American IdolIn an interview with TVGuide this week, American Idol judge Simon Cowell said he wished the producers would put secret cameras in the Idol house so America could really see how they feel about each other. Personally, if last night’s juvenile food fight was an example of what we’d be watching, I’ll pass. The one thing I love about Idol is that it’s not your typical reality show that tries to capture the contestants bad mouthing each other. True or not, I prefer to see them cheering each other on and acting like friends.

Which takes us to America’s Next Top Model where sweet Fo was sent home. Alison stepped up her game in a swimsuit photo shoot but she was a mess at go-sees. Celia missed the return time by one minute and thus was eliminated from both a helicopter ride and a potential win. Not that she was going to take the prize, because Teyona rocked it out. I’m thinking it’s going to come down to her and Aminat and my money is on Teyona.The real gem of the evening was Moonlight star Alex O’Loughlin playing against type on Criminal Minds. The charming, and handsome former vampire played a shy, nerdy, serial killer with OCD. From repeated door openings, to a new soap bar everyday, Vincent’s life is cluttered with ‘must dos’ and one of those is a yearly murder. O’Loughlin’s performance was so consuming, I actually felt bad for him when he died in the end. Yes, I felt bad for the serial killer — now that’s great storytelling.You’ll find lots more great storytelling tonight on TV. Check this out:Tim Daly and Amy Brenneman on Private Practice's finale

Tonight On TV — Thursday, April 30

ABC has a big night planned starting with the return of Ugly Betty and a very large Easter bunny. Next up Izzie’s mother visits on Grey’s Anatomy, then it’s the season finale of Private Practice where Violet must choose between Pete and Sheldon. Don’t miss our Amy Brenneman exit interview May 7.CBS begins with Survivor, then it’s survival time as a mysterious virus hits Vegas on CSI, that’s followed by a Criminal Minds as Harper’s Island has been moved to Saturday.The CW goes big tonight as two of their top shows barrel toward cliff-hanger season enders. First up, Clark learns that Chole has been keeping Davis alive on Smallville, then it’s trouble for the Winchester brothers when angel Castiel disappears leaving his human shell behind on Supernatural.Fox goes after the murderer of a frat boy on Bones, and it’s the top three on Hell’s Kitchen.NBC has their usual comedies, My Name is Earl, Parks and Recreation, The Office, and 30 Rock. They are followed by the very serious cop drama Southland.

Over on cable

Millionaire Matchmaker is new on Bravo.Taking the Stage is new on MTV and Travel Channel takes a look at more sexy beaches.ABCFamily offers up Bridge to Terabithia, a great movie for you and the kids.On AMC, Michael Douglas, Annette Bening and Martin Sheen star in The American President.

News and notable

NBC has given Celebrity Apprentice a pick-up for another season. Really?Trump is back for more on NBC...why?CMT bought the rights to make new episodes of the NBC game show The Singing Bee.ABCFamily has canceled Roommates. The show will finish the run and won’t be back.Nickelodeon is pulling the wraps off their first all human TV show for preschoolers. It’s called The Jumparounds and it focuses on music appreciation and life issues, and I assume they don’t mean dating, finances and weight loss.Photo credit:
American Idol: Matt Giraud (L) is eliminated. Also pictured: Adam Lambert. CR: Frank Micelotta/Fox
Private Practice: Yours, Mine & Ours — Pictured: Amy Brenneman, Tim Daly. Photo: ABC/Karen Neal.
The Celebrity Apprentice — Pictured: Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump — NBC Photo: Ali Goldstein

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