Is Jennifer Hudson pregnant?

Jennifer Hudson is pregnant, according to Essence magazine.

Two sources close to Hudson confirmed the news to the magazine, despite the denials of the singer’s reps.

The Oscar and Grammy Award-winner is engaged to I Love New York 2 alum David Otunga, a Harvard Law grad.

The couple has not announced a wedding date.

Rumors have been bubbling about a little one for several weeks and were exacerbated by Hudson’s appearance at her recent concert with Robin Thicke in New York.

In this photo at right, you can see a normally curvy Hudson with a decidedly rounder belly.

Hudson’s publicist Lisa Kasteler responded simply, ”Jennifer is not pregnant.”

But sources close to the singer says she is, indeed pregnant.

If true, the news would be a bright spot in a year marked by tragedy for the talented American Idol contestant.

Last October her brother, mother and nephew were murdered, allegedly by estranged ex-brother-in-law William Balfour.

She made her emotional return to the spotlight at the Super Bowl, singing the national anthem. A week later, she won the Grammy for Best R&B album.

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