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American Idol: Top seven becomes fab five

Dancing with the Stars cut Lawrence and Edyta from the competition, and I’m good with that. Ty should be out next, and then Chuck. After that, it gets tough. Another tough call is American Idol. It was disco night, but most of the contestants chose to turn their songs into more modern renditions.

Anoop does disco on American IdolI adored Kris Allen’s take on She Works Hard for the Money, and Adam Lambert put his usual spin on If I Can’t Have You. Anoop went lounge singer with Dim All the Lights. Wish someone had sung On the Radio by Donna Summer — that song has a great story in it.

Anoop may be pretty in pink, but I think he and Lil will be cut tonight on American Idol. However, Matt’s on shaky ground as well, so it’s hard to tell.After all the American Idol singing and Dancing with the Stars dancing, Fringe pulled off a major episode in their story arc. Turns out little Olivia was the subject of an experiment by Walter, and she turned into a little fire-starter. Really cool episode with Olivia looking through the eyes of an unintentional killer — very moody and surreal. Good stuff.You won’t want to miss Ghost Whisperer this Friday night when a soap opera comes to Granview. Real daytime stars Thad Luckinbill, Amelia Heinle (The Young and the Restless) and Leslie Kay (The Bold and the Beautiful) will guest.In the meantime, the folks at Ghost Whisperer have set up an online tarot card game. Click here and see what the spirits have to say about your future.While there, I also consulted the spirits about tonight’s TV schedule. Here’s what they had to say:

Tonight On TV — Wednesday, April 22

ABC is all new tonight with Scrubs and Better Off Ted, then it’s the Story of the Oceanic 6 on Lost. Finally it’s the old sting on The Unusuals.CBS is mostly reruns with the New Adventures of Old Christine, Gary Unmarried, and an old and a new Criminal Minds.The CW puts America’s Next Top Model contestants on a plane to Brazil, and then it’s a rerun of 90210.Jennifer Beals guest stars on Lie to Me with Tim RothFox has guest star Jennifer Beals on Lie to Me, then two people go home on American Idol.NBC fills the night with a variety of Law & Orders — all reruns.

Over on cable

National Geographic is a great place to celebrate Earth Day. They have a fun new show called Garbage Moguls that features a company that makes cool stuff out of real trash.

TVLand has The Cougar, their over-30 version of The Bachelorette.Food Network pulls off another Dinner Impossible. Then check out Pitchmen on Discovery, where people try to get funding for their nifty inventions.

News and notable

Elvis Costello and Sheryl Crow are scheduled to appear in a very musical 30 Rock season finale on May 14.A judge says ex-Gov Blagojevich can’t be a reality star. (Whew, that was a close one.)NBC dethrones Kings, saying they’ll burn off the remaining episodes this summer.Food Network announces a whole cart full of fresh, new shows including Foods That Changed the World with Alton Brown and Sandra’s Money Saving Meals with Sandra Lee. There’s a show we can all use.Lots of news from Lifetime:

  • Project Runway returns August 20 and will be followed by Models of the Runway at 11:00.
  • Reruns of Grey’s Anatomy and Medium will air in the fall, followed by How I Met Your Mother next year.
  • Army Wives will return this summer.
  • Sherri Shepherd, Cybil Shepherd and Valerie Bertinelli all have comedies on the future schedule.
  • New drama shows include Mona Lisa Smile, Mystic Pizza: Another Slice and Queens of the Rodeo.

Cybil returns to TV

Photo credit:
American Idol — Anoop Desai performs live on American Idol. Credit: Michael Becker/Fox
Lie to Me — Zoe Landau, (guest star Jennifer Beals, R), Assistant U.S. Attorney and Lightman’s (Tim Roth, L) ex-wife ask for help in an arson investigation. Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/Fox
Alligator Point — L to R, front row: Lauren Stamile, Brian Patrick Wade (L to R, back row) Leslie Jordan, Joel McCrary, Cybill Shepherd, Charlie Robinson and Robyn Lively star in the comedy pilot about the life and times of an eccentric group of Floridians who find refuge in the southern hospitality of Mae’s Oyster Bar. Credit: Richard Foreman/Lifetime Networks

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