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LeAnn Rimes on marriage and forgiveness

LeAnn Rimes opened up this week about her relationship with her husband in the aftermath of her alleged affair with costar Eddie Cibrian.

Rimes was promoting her new book What I Cannot Change when she spoke of the personal situation.

While she did not directly address the rumors of the affair with Cibrian, she does speak about her marriage to Dean Sheremet, whom she wed at the tender age of 19.”There are people you meet who shape and change your life, and Dean has been (that), for me,” Rimes says. “He’s been absolutely amazing and helped me grow into the woman I am. And I love him dearly.””You realize these small things that we obsess over are really small,” Rimes continues, hinting at the affair.

“We could look in the negative way or choose to look at things in a positive light. But I’m trying to rewire my brain to look at positive things every day of my life.”

In the book, Rimes also talks about losing control of her body while suffering from the autoimmune disease psoriasis and of her career after her parents allegedly stole $7 million from her.”You know, I think a lot of people, because I did grow up so fast, thought, ‘Easy. She’ll be able to handle it. No big deal,'” she says.

“And I was able to handle it fine. But not until a few years ago did I realize how much it affected me.”


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