Joey Lawrence shares a life in showbiz

Joey Lawrence dishes on this year’s Dancing with the Stars, how he found fame and My Fake Fiance. Fake Fiance pairs him with Melissa Joan Hart in the ABC Family original movie airing April 19.

Joey Lawrence became a household name starring in the ’90s sitcom Blossom. Although Mayim Bialik was the star, it was Lawrence that became a sensation. After five seasons on the hit show, Lawrence did not go far from the public consciousness.


In one of the most epic battles in Dancing with the Stars history, Lawrence made it to the hit ABC show’s 2006 finals opposite Mario Lopez and Emmitt Smith. The former Cowboy Smith won, but in hindsight, most believe that Lopez and Lawrence split the vote and Smith emerged victor.


Lawrence calls SheKnows and shares a few thoughts on starring with Melissa Joan Hart in My Fake Fiance, a lifetime in show business and how his turn on Dancing with the Stars stoked a competitive fire within him that to this day still has him gazing n the show and thinking: ‘I could take him.’


Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence fake a wedding


Faking it

SheKnows: After seeing My Fake Fiance, I could not help but notice the incredible chemistry between you and Melissa Joan Hart. Had you two ever worked together before?


Joey Lawrence: No, and actually the scene where they meet was the first we filmed. It was great because you never get to do that. That scene at the wedding was the very first scene we shot. We’ve never worked together, but known each other for a long time. It just sort clicked like that the first day. We thought if we could have 40 more days like this, this movie will come out kind of cool. There was an innate chemistry there that just happened to work. You can’t always plan that.


SheKnows: For you, was there one aspect of this project that was more challenging than others?


Joey Lawrence: It’s an interesting character, really. I think he’s flawed. I thought he had a lot of baggage and not very likable at the beginning. I think neither one of these characters likes to be vulnerable. I think that’s what made it interesting. As the movie goes on, the situation that they put themselves in makes them vulnerable because they’re dependant on each other. That created a dynamic there that I liked.


SheKnows: It could not be timelier.


Joey Lawrence: I know, right? (Laughs



Joey Lawrence: the hearthrob in BlossomSheKnows: (Laughs) You think millions of Americans can relate to the idea of having a wedding solely for the money?


Joey Lawrence: I know, it’s this urban myth, right? There are the Green Card marriages. I’m sure people have talked about it. I spoke to one woman who married for the right reasons, but registered for all these gifts. She and her husband took them all back for cash (laughs). There’s a bunch of different ways to go about it. This is an enticing option. With the showers, the pre-parties — you can rake in some serious cash if you want. If you’re in dire straits – it’s not the right thing to do – but, you know, it certainly is an uneasy option.


Show business life

SheKnows: I’m always fascinated by what draws people to show business. Particularly people like yourself who have gotten in so early. What inspired you so young to get into such a difficult business?


Joey Lawrence: (Sighs) I don’t know. It is a difficult business. I don’t really know to be honest with you. I just wanted to do it. Our divine creator has put us all down here for something and I think I was lucky enough to stumble onto my calling at a young age. I had a mother that believed in me and didn’t push. She allowed me to soar and do it. I’m very fortunate. I’m going to have three different careers. One as a kid, one as a teen and one as a man. I love to work. And I love getting better at everything that I do. This is just the beginning. I think the first 28 years is a good practice run and now I’m ready for the big leagues. It’s been my calling. I’ve never wanted to do anything else.


Joey Lawrence on Dancing with the StarsSheKnows: So, be honest. Every time they announce a new cast of Dancing with the Stars, since you did the show, is there ever a twinge of ‘Oh, I could take that them?’


Joey Lawrence: As a competitor, I went into it thinking…first of all my wife pushed me into it. I really didn’t want to do it. I thought I’d last two weeks. I think that season a year-and-a-half ago, that battle between Me, Emmitt and Mario, was probably one of the best. There hasn’t been a three-headed monster like that since us. There has not been three guys going at it from week one. I think even in the end, in the finals, there were less than 1500 votes that separated all three of us. It was great and I got caught up in it. I’m a competitive guy. (Dancing with the Stars) certainly taps into your competitive nature. You…man…to be honest with you, I could say ‘no, no I don’t do that.’ But, my wife watches it religiously so I tune in and watch. I am watching thinking ‘I can take that guy.’ Gilles is great this season, but there’s no competition for him. Yeah, dudes do that. I think it’s inherent in all of us I think. It absolutely comes out.

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