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Oprah meets Twitter

Oprah Winfrey will tweet for the very first time on her show today. And who knows how many people will get the adorable page with the whale saying there are too many tweets at the moment!

Oprah is joining the Twitter nation@Vicki Salemi reporting here and all Twitter world, lookout! There’s a new resident in town in Oprah and she’s bound to get you lots of users. And by that, we mean millions.

Okay, let’s back up. By now if you haven’t heard of the new sensation,, here’s the hot details.

It’s a micro-blogging site in that you say what you’re doing (think of the quintessential Facebook status update) at any given moment. You can run your train of thoughts or comment on someone else’s tweet.

For instance, every user is known by the “@” symbol. In this case, Oprah is really @Oprah and can be found at If you really like what someone says or want to send the message to all of your followers you can “Re-Tweet” or simply RT the message by copying and pasting.

If you’re like Ashton Kutcher (@plusk) or Demi Moore (@mrskutcher) you’re lovin’ Twitternation. Tons of celebrities are on board ranging from Yoko Ono (@YokoOno) to Pete Wentz (@petewentz) to MC Hammer (@MCHammer).In fact, Ashton will be on Oprah to dish about his race for a million users to surpass CNN! Anyway, we can imagine Oprah’s tweets will be quite inspiring, uplifting, and just like her brand — very real. Yay Oprah. Yay Twitter. Win-win situation.

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