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Josh Hartnett’s hospital stay details

Josh Hartnett blames third-world water for stomach problems that landed the star in the hospital.

Josh Hartnett is doing much better, thank youJosh Hartnett has had a few hospital stays of late, and rumors are flying about his health.

It’s always a bit of a downer hearing when a celebrity is in a hospital, yes? Such is the case of the 30-year-old Black Hawk Down hottie, Josh Hartnett. Last week, the star was hospitalized in Los Angeles for gastrointestinal problems.The night before his hospitalization, Hartnett was whooping it up at the Delano Hotel in South Beach. A local Miami band was performing, and Josh jumped on stage to get in on the action. Hartnett was also seen hanging out in West Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont, where he’s been staying since mid-February. (Definitely signs of a top Hollywood bachelor! Is he the number one? Vote here!)

Hartnett was rushed to the emergency room on March 30 after complaining of stomach pain. It’s a repeat of a similar episode that occurred during his run in Rain Man at London’s West End theater.

While his reps mentioned he was feeling fine after his hospital stay, you never can tell. Hartnett tells People, “I’m fine. I just had a little stomach bug. (There’s) nothing to worry about. I went to the hospital, and it was literally just a 24-hour thing. I was so dehydrated that I needed to be on a couple of IVs, but I’m good.” So why does it come back, Josh?

“It’s been recurring because I have been spending a lot of time in third-world countries and I occasionally drink the water when I shouldn’t. Sometimes it catches up with you,” Hartnett says.

Let’s hope Hartnett is getting a thorough checkup. We like our Hartnett here at SheKnows!

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