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Dancing with the Stars recap: week six

It was Guys Gone Wild on Dancing with the Stars last night! Gilles dropped down a notch thanks to a busted shoulder, Chuck got a little too steamy for Len’s taste and Ty impressed the crowd with his get up and go (though not really with his dancing). Add a wardrobe malfunction from Lil’ Kim and that’s entertainment folks!

Lacey shows a little lace with Steve-OTy Murray and Chelsie Hightower kicked off the night with the urban cowboy version of the Jive. I loved the costuming and the Travis Tritt tune — it was fun to watch.

Let’s face it, Ty’s not going to win Dancing with the Stars, but I got to give this good ole’ boy credit for getting out there week after week.

Stevo-O stinks

Steve-O showed his seriously sexy side when he and Lacey did a bedroom-themed Rumba. It would have been sizzling hot, if only Steve-O could learn how to move to the music. I say when it comes to feeling the rhythm you either have it or you don’t, it’s not a learned behavior.

Steve-O doesn’t have it, and Lacey can’t hide it with her sultry choreography. I think he’s going home tonight.

Chuck and Julianne went for a sultry Rumba that finally showed us some of the chemistry we’ve been craving. There was too much chemistry for Len’s sake, though Carrie Ann was left fanning herself for dear life.

I like these two as people, but I’m not crazy about them as a couple on the dance floor. And did Tom refer to them as Mr. and Mrs. Wicks? This poor guy better propose on the finale or he’ll be lynched by the crowd.

Lawrence and Edyta – seriously, I fast forward through their routines every week. He doesn’t look like he’s enjoying himself, she seems like she’s ready to kill him and it’s just awkward.

Gilles may be heading for surgery after Dancing with the StarsI’d like to see him go home but I don’t think it will happen this week.

Shawn and Mark took top scores with an innocently sexy Rumba that was very much like the dance of the prom queen.

The judges love her but I’m not sold and I wouldn’t have given her a nine. It’s pretty enough, but I don’t see the spark everyone else seems to see.

Gilles still front runner?

Gilles and Cheryl wowed me again. I don’t care what the judges say! I thought their quirky Jive to Dance, Dance was really cool. I particularly loved the opening bits with Gilles coming down the stairs. The way he positions his legs and the hip action is impressive, but I’m afraid this front runner is going to fall. The judges got on him for some funky arm movements which he later told reporters were due to a shoulder injury that will require surgery when the contest is over. Maybe they need to take it easy for a week or two then wow them in the end.

Melissa and Tony are the other couple who can do no wrong in my book. Their sensual Rumba was heart-melting. Yes, I understand that she often falls back on her ballet training, but it doesn’t bother me. They’re just so perfect together.Lil’ Kim and Derek told a story with their jailhouse Jive that was fun and loaded with tricks. It was just what they needed to get those 10’s from the judges but Len ruined it for them with a nasty 8. He thought there wasn’t enough Jive in the dance and that could have hurt them had some of the other front runners not stumbled along the way.I’m on the West coast so I didn’t see it, but I hear Lil’ Kim had a wardrobe issue that resulted in Tom having to block her from camera so she could tuck herself back in. Ah, live TV!Lil' Kim and Derek Hough were rocking on Dancing with the StarsBest song: Derek and Lil’ Kim’s Jailhouse RockWorst rehearsal package: Steve-O and Lacey, playing up his inappropriate behavior and the fact that he has to learn passion by cuddling with his dog. Yikes.Best dress: Despite the malfunction, I loved Lil’ Kim’s clever cop rock duds.Worst dress: Not even a dress, Lacey’s bra and panties was more So You Think You Can Dance and the shortie robe was distracting as she moved around the floor.Tune in tonight to see who goes home but first there will be plenty of music and dance including Rascal Flatts performing live.

It’s Dancing with the Stars tonight at 9:00 on ABC.

Photos: ABC/Kelsey McNeal

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