Tax day for celebrities

Think celebrities can hide from Uncle Sam? Think again. The tax man cometh for all Americans, even those well paid ones we tend to put on a pedestal.

Dionne Warwick faces the music on tax dayApril 15 applies to celebrities and when you make as much as a Demi Moore, failing to pay your taxes certainly adds up.

As per a recent report, Burt Reynolds, along with Dionne Warwick and Sinbad are on the most wanted list. That is, they’re some of California’s most delinquent tax payers.

Apparently Sinbad, the Jingle All the Way Star, owes back income taxes to the tune of $2.5 million from the past decade!

Which begs two questions: Don’t they think there’s an ounce of a chance they would get caught? Who is their tax accountant?

Sinbad is listed as a resident of Oak Park, Illinois while Dionne Warwick is from South Orange, New Jersey. Warwick owes approximately $2 million to California.

We hear that the That’s What Friends Are For songstress is cooperating with the state of California tax board and payment for the back taxes is in motion and moving full speed ahead.

Good thing because originally the bill was $2.7 million.  

And lastly, Burt Reynolds owes $225,000. Which makes us wonder: those who do pay their taxes promptly and in accordance with the law — how much do they really pay?

If you’re Britney Spears, Madonna or Tom Cruise let’s say, can you imagine the chunk of change they owe the government? See, and we thought we had it bad!

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