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Mel Gibson divorce shocker

Mel Gibson and his wife of nearly 30 years are divorcing.

Robyn Gibson filed divorce papers late last week in Los Angeles. Mel quickly followed up with his own filing, listing their date of separation as August 26, 2006 — less than a month after Gibson’s July DUI arrest.Remember that little incident? When he slandered Jews after getting completely blotto in a bar with a bunch of random honeys? Guessing the wife wasn’t a fan of that Gibson tirade.

Mel Gibson strikes a drunken pose

The couple married in 1980 before Gibson was famous and have no prenup. His fortune was worth $200 million in 2006. Since California is a community property state, Robyn stands to collect half of everything.The couple has seven children, only one of whom is a minor. Robyn is asking for joint custody of the ten-year-old, alimony and her lawyer’s fees paid.Mel and Robyn released a joint statement through his publicist:”Throughout our marriage and separation we have always strived to maintain the privacy and integrity of our family and will continue to do so.”Considering Gibson’s reported devotion to his Catholic faith, the timing of this news — and the news, period — couldn’t be more shocking.

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