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Amy Poehler debuts her Parks and Recreation

Amy Poehler premieres her new NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, bringing a The Office type look to local government workers.

Clay and the ANTM gang strike a pose

Clay Aiken on America’s Next Top Model, who would have thought it? And yet, it worked. Clay not only worked with the girls on an acting challenge but he was a pretty decent judge at final panel. Decent was all you could say about the girls’ Cover Girl commercials, not the train wrecks we’ve seen in the past but nothing special. Cecila is starting to look like the front runner here but in my opinion its still anybody’s game.

American Idol sent sweet Scott packing last night after a really cool Ford commercial with a vaudeville magic show theme. I do like Scott and I think he’s very talented but he wasn’t going to win the prize, so I’m surprised that the judges even considered saving him. From this point on, everyone is good, so now it’s got to be about who is better and not just in vocal talent. Which contestant has the stage presence, the charisma, the whole package. My American Idol favorites are still hanging with Adam and Kris.

Last up for me was the season (and probably series) finale of Life. As I suspected, I came away from the episode as confused as ever about the who, the why and the wherefore. I’ve never really been into the whole underlying arc of this series, preferring instead the crimes of the week. So while last night’s episode was meant to clear up the whole ‘who framed Charlie’ plot, it still made no sense to me. And let’s not even discuss Charlie’s final moments in the car with Roman. Was anyone satisfied with that ending?Flip channels tonight and you’ll find a couple of new shows. The one I was most looking forward to was Harper’s Island but after reading an article in the LA Times today, I’m a little worried. I knew it was slasher film material, but I figured it was on TV so how gory can it get. Apparently, the answer is very, very, very. Might have to watch this one with my eyes closed.I’ll practice doing that while you keep on reading.

Tonight On TV –Thursday, April 9

CBS starts off with Survivor and CSI, then it’s the premiere of the new serialized thriller Harper’s Island. Every week someone will bite the big one in total slasher movie style. Who is the killer? See if you can pick him or her out from day one.

Harper's Island premieres on CBS

NBC also has a couple of new shows tonight but first its The Office, then Amy Poehler stars in Parks and Recreation, then another The Office, 30 Rock, and finally, it’s the premiere of the new cop drama Southland.

Fox goes with new episodes of Bones and Hell’s Kitchen.ABC has new episodes of In the Motherhood, and Samantha Who?, followed by reruns of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.The CW delivers reruns of Smallville and Supernatural.

Over on cable

Lots of new episodes of your favorite cable programs are on tap tonight. Being Erica on SoapNet, Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches on Travel, Making the Band and Taking the Stage on MTV and Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo.SCI FI is running a mini-Moonlight marathon tonight.VH1 has a countdown of Hollywood Scandals and it’s a Snapped marathon on Oxygen.

Wipeout is back...don't all be too excitedNews and notable

ABC has decided to burn off the final unaired episodes of some of your favorite (though obviously not that popular) shows. Pushing Daisies will air May 30 through June 13 at 10p; Eli Stone airs June 20 through July 11 at 10p; and Dirty Sexy Money goes from July 18 through August 8 at 10p.ABC also announced their summer schedule which includes both Wipeout and I Survived a Japanese Game Show (insert eye roll here) and an athletic version of Dancing with the Stars that has celebs paired with real athletes in a series of competitions.Fox made a real casting coup when they got Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy to take on the roll of the elusive William Bell for the finale of Fringe.Leah Remini joins Matthew Lillard in the new ABC comedy Don’t Try This At Home.In a truly despicable move, Fox has begun work on a new reality series called Someone’s Gotta Go that pits workers at real-life small companies competing to see who will lose their job. The announcement states that employees will have access to HR reports and payroll records in hopes of finding dirty little secrets. Seriously, Fox, shame on you.Photo credit:
America’s Next Top Model: Acting Like A Model — The girls are surprised to learn they will be working opposite Clay Aiken during an acting challenge on America’s Next Top Model on The CW. pictured left to right: Teyona, Tahlia, Celia, Allison, Paulina Porizkova, Clay Aiken, London, Natalie, Fo and Aminat Cycle 12 Photo: Eric Liebowitz/The CW
Harper’s Island — Pictured (L-R) Christopher Gorham as Henry Dunn and Elaine Cassidy as Abby Mills. Photo: Chris Helcermanas-Benge/CBS
Wipeout — Photo: ABC / Patrick Wymore

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