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The Unusuals premieres with Amber Tamblyn

America is mad at Fox. American Idol ran over last night, which is not all that unusual, but then they bumped Fringe a whole five minutes or more and guess what? Mine and everyone else’s DVR didn’t pick up the ending of the episode!

American Idol threw the nightThis running over by even one minute is becoming a popular trick to keep viewers from turning the channel between shows. ABC does it often with Dancing with the Stars and I’d boycott if I really thought it would help. I guess what they need is to invent a DVR that actually detects a change in signal when a show is really over instead of going by the clock. Of course, that would still interfere with the recording of the show that comes after…here’s a better concept, networks. Start on time and end on time.

So here’s last night in a nutshell. Simon gave Adam Lambert a standing ovation, which must certainly be another sign of the coming apocalypse. And did you see the mysterious Observer from Fringe sitting behind Simon on American Idol? I hope they warned the singers because that image could be mighty distracting. (He’s in the photo if you look close.)Fringe returned with a cool story about a feral child who can write upside down and backwards. He also helps the team track a serial killer so bravo for him.Then it was the best episode ever of Toddlers and Tiaras. The producers captured every parent saying something totally insane before showing footage to prove it wasn’t true. My kids are pros on stage, preceded a dozen incidents of crying, screaming and crumbling in front of the judges. Listen, I have no problem with children’s pageants — just don’t try to convince me that you’re only doing it because your two-year-old lives for those moments. Let’s just be real about this and have some fun.My big pick for tonight is the season finale of Life. ABC has the premiere of a brand new cop show, The Unusuals, starring Amber Tamblyn but the promos have left me wanting to see less not more so I’ll be skipping that one. What will you be watching?

Tonight On TV –Wednesday, April 8

ABC has an unusual mix tonight. First it’s the comedies Scrubs and Better Off Ted. That’s followed by a very spooky episode of Lost, then it’s the premiere of ABC’s new cop drama The Unusuals.

The Unusuals, staring Amber Tamblyn, premieres on ABC

CBS also begins with the laughs on New Adventures of Old Christine and Gary Unmarried. Next up a serial killer is going after spring breakers on Criminal Minds, then a man is killed in an empty theater on CSI: NY.

NBC bookends the night with Law & Order and in between is the season finale of Life. Expect some answers but not all as there’s been no word on another season for this series.The CW has Clay Aiken judging the models during acting class on America’s Next Top Model and that’s followed by a highlight show covering the first half of the season.Fox begins with a building collapse on Lie to Me, then someone goes home on American Idol.

Over on cable

Make Me a Supermodel is bound to get down and dirty on Bravo at 10:00.Food Network has all new episodes of Throwdown with Bobby Flay and Dinner Impossible.Real World/Road Rules is new on MTV.Top Chef Masters will be cooking this summerTBS fills the night with House of Payne including two new episodes.Graduation time is here again, it’s the season finale of TVLand’s High School Reunion.

News and notable

NBC has moved the new series Kings from Sunday to Saturday, which is tantamount to issuing a cancellation notice.

Planet Earth issued pick-up notices to Emeril Green, Renovation Nation and Wasted.Lifetime wants to prove you can Cook Yourself Thin, with their new series that begins May 4.Speaking of cooking, Bravo is turning the tables on the Top Chefs this summer with Top Chef Masters. On this show, famous chefs will compete for the prize with celebrity guests doing the judging.Photo credit:
American Idol: Ryan Seascrest and the judges. CR: Frank Micelotta.
2009 Fox
The Unusuals: Pilot — Pictured: Harold Perrineau, Amber Tamblyn, Josh Close, Jeremy Renner, Terry Kinney. Credit: ABC/Patrick Harbron.
Top Chef Masters: Pictured: (l-r) Michael Chiarello, Rick Moonen, Nils Noren, Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson — Bravo Photo: Jaimie Trueblood

Extra! Clip of Clay Aiken on ANTM

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