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Chris Brown pleads not guilty

Chris Brown entered his plea in a Los Angeles court Monday. Brown says he is not guilty of assaulting Rihanna.

Chris Brown in happier timesFor real Mr. Brown!

Seriously though. We saw the pictures of the beautiful Grammy winner Rihanna and her badly bruised face and neck from the horrible incident of abuse from someone on February 8. We heard the stories of Brown and his verbal assault as well. 

In court to answer those charges March 6, Brown pleaded not guilty to two felony accounts: assault and making criminal threats on the February 8 incident with his girlfriend, Rihanna. Brown was accompanied in the courtroom by his mother in Los Angeles. His plea of not guilty to each of the charges means he will need to attend a follow up hearing at the end of the month.While Rihanna was nowhere to be found in Los Angeles nor should she be at this point in the trial, Brown’s lawyer informed the judge that he is reviewing more evidence. Um, hello? What more do you need? According to witnesses, Brown threatened to kill Rihanna in a fight before the Grammy Awards. According to the same search warrant affidavit that reported this, he also allegedly punched and choked her.Brown could face probation to a maximum four years and eight months in state prison. It’s hard to believe he’s only nineteen years old based on his musical success! He and Rihanna have remained in contact but are taking a break from their relationship.

Rihanna has been seen across Barbados partying like, well…a rock star.

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