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Dancing with the Stars tries new dances

Dancing with the Stars continues its impressive season tonight with some new dances sure to challenge.

The original Poseidon model ship, the Queen Mary was used for filmingGood Monday to you all! Did you have a busy weekend? I went down to San Pedro Harbor in California to see the ship model used to film the original Poseidon Adventure. So huge and so cool. This thing takes up half the room. It gave me chills just to see it sitting there knowing that it was such a huge part of movie history. Yes, I’m a geek. I admit it and happily!

I also spent my weekend clearing out the DVR. First it was Friday’s Sarah Connor Chronicles and I both loved and hated this episode. Loved the interaction with John and little Savannah and John Henry’s part in the whole thing but hated that they killed off my favorite character, Derek. Guess that answers the question about Brian Austin Green getting cast on another TV series in the fall, though I have my doubts that we’ll be seeing another season of Sarah Connor. The big finale is this Friday.I gave Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse another try because my husband loves it but I’m still bored. The episode dealt with Echo and her little band realize they’re dolls and try to escape the dollhouse but it’s all a ploy by the woman behind the madness — something about allowing them to complete unfinished business? I’d like this show better if they were real dolls in a real dollhouse, now that would be creepy.My cable favorite Running in Heels was on this weekend and it was an embarrassment of riches — in that I was totally embarrassed for the girls. Ashley horned in on Samantha’s idea for blogging the Kenneth Cole book event and then Talita broke all the rules by going straight to Rihanna’s publicist to ask for an interview for the magazine. Poor thing, she was so dressed down by the magazine editor and believe me, I’ve been where she was and it makes you want to dive off a building.Let’s turn our minds toward happier thoughts, shall we, like a new episode of Dancing with the Stars. . .

Tonight On TV — Monday, April 6

ABC has a big night planned, first up it’s Dancing with the Stars and that’s followed by the premiere of Surviving Suburbia and then Castle investigates the case of the frozen corpse!CBS has the NCAA Championship Game, which will be followed by their comedies on the West Coast, check your local listings to see what’s on your schedule.On Fox House cures someone and Jack Bauer kills someone on 24.NBC has guest star’s Chevy Chase and Scott Bakula on a new Chuck, the danger is closing in on Heroes, and a mother vanishes on Medium.

Chevy Chase, Zach Levi and Scott Bakula on Chuck

The CW has reruns of Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill.

Over on cable

ABC Family has new episodes of Greek and Roommates.Singing for your supper on American IdolA&E gets spooky with a new Paranormal State.Maggie is attacked on TNT’s Saving Grace but no one is in danger when The Hills returns to MTV.Hungry? Food Network has new episodes of Unwrapped, Work for Food and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

News and notable

Slumdog Millionaire star Anil Kapoor has signed on to the next season of 24.The New York Post is reporting that betting odds are in favor of Adam Lambert to win American Idol, so high in his favor that a one dollar bet will only net you eighty cents. That worries me because how often does the front-runner actually win?The creator of The CW comedy, The Game is talking about turning the series into an hour-long dramedy. It would be a rare move, though I believe it’s been done before, but still the odds of the show getting picked up are about the same as Anoop’s current odds for winning American Idol.Laura Leighton will reprise her role of Sydney Andrews on the Melrose Place.The Bachelor second runner-up Jillian Harris is still looking for love as the new Bachelorette.Photo credit:
Poseidon Adventure Ship Model at the Maritime Museum in San Pedro. CR: Lars Liljeblad
Chuck: Chuck vs. the Dream Job — Pictured: Chevy Chase as Ted Roark, Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski, Scott Bakula as Steve Bartowski — NBC Photo: Paul Drinkwater
American Idol: Adam Lambert performs in front of the judges. Cr: Michael Becker/Fox

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