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The Soloist exclusive clip

The Soloist stars Robert Downey Jr and Jamie Foxx in the true life story of a man who’s God-given gift finds its way back after losing his way. The Soloist arrives in theaters nationwide April 24 and we have an online exclusive first look.

Oscar-winner Foxx and Oscar-nominee Downey Jr form an acting dynamic team in a film that also features the fabulous, also Oscar-nominated Catherine Kenner.

Foxx portrays the real-life Nathaniel Anthony Ayers, a man whose mental illness brought him from the cusp of classical music worldwide fame to the streets of Los Angeles living homeless. Downey’s Steve Lopez is a journalist who stumbles on Nathaniel’s story and delves into Ayers’ life to discover a challenge that is significantly more than the usual personal interest feature.

Robert Downey Jr and Jamie Foxx in The Soloist

Ayers is a former classical music prodigy who is now playing his violin on the streets. Mentally imbalanced, some say, a troubled genius would suggest others.

The Soloist is a tale of friendship and a gem of a story about how God’s gifts are not lost on the roads of time passed. They are never too late to be revived and brought to their full potential.Joe Wright, best known for his Oscar-nominated direction of Atonement starring Keira Knightley, directs from a screenplay by Susannah Grant based on Steve Lopez’s book.Watch for more coverage from The Soloist as the film’s premiere approaches this month.

The Soloist: first online clip exclusive!

In this scene, Catherine Keener and Robert Downey Jr are discussing the possibilities of a book arising from the story of Foxx’s character. Keener and Downey have an electric spark that is impossible to miss in our exclusive clip from The Soloist.

Thanks to Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks! 


The Soloist bonus clip: the full trailer

Let Downey Jr and Foxx transport you to a world where anything is possible, regardless of the mountain that requires climbing. 


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