Jennifer Love Hewitt new love can't stop gushing

Apr 2, 2009 at 2:24 p.m. ET

Jennifer Love Hewitt has her latest love, Jamie Kennedy, talking continually about how much in love with her he has fallen.

Jamie Kennedy will soon be on Jennifer Love Hewitt's arm at red carpet eventsKennedy's career is rock solid and scorching hot yet he manages to fly under the press radar screen. Savvy? Yes. Talented? You bet.

In love with Jennifer Love Hewitt? Oh, you bet!

Most known for his comedy, Jamie Kennedy is currently starring in a new film, Finding Bliss, being featured in Manhattan this week at the Gen Art Film Festival presented by Acura.

In the flick, Leelee Sobieski wins the top filmmaker award at her NYU graduation and goes where Hollywood!

She wants to pursue her dream of becoming a director and takes an offer in editing adult entertainment.

Back to Jamie Kennedy: the 38 year-old revealed he's in love with Ghost Whisperer co-star, Jennifer Love Hewitt, as they recently vacationed in Mexico and he discovered kidney stones.

Ouch! We hear that he's recovering and Love Hewitt is at his side. Apparently he's home now and resting.

But here's our question: the lovely Jennifer Love Hewitt always seems to have a leading man and several broken engagements.

Remember her relationship with Carson Daly? Then there was another one in between we believe and the most recent break up to fiance Ross McCall.

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