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ER finale celebrates 15 years

ER, after 15 seasons, is closing the doors. NBC’s genre-changing television series redefined the medium and made stars out of a slew of actors including Oscar-winning George Clooney.

Making Simon mad is never a good idea on American IdolLast night, there were honestly a few tense moments on American Idol tonight when I thought Adam might actually be in the bottom three, but it was just the producers trying to make it exciting. Megan was sent home, as I suspected, so I’m happy. More Adam, more Kris, that’s all I need from my American Idol.

America’s Next Top Model had the girls doing a beauty shot with a face full of color. Nothing much to see here and I wasn’t thrilled with any of the pictures. Sandra was sent home because apparently she can only pose in profile. Geez, doesn’t everyone have that problem?

I finally caught up on last week’s The Mentalist where someone is killing off these corporate board members on a wilderness retreat. I watched it all but it wasn’t a favorite. I feel like this show is slowing down, maybe the gimmick is getting old…I don’t know exactly why but it’s not on my must see list anymore.

What is on my must see list is Supernatural and Eleventh Hour. I’ll be watching those shows, but what will you be watching?

Tonight On TV –Thursday, April 2

NBC should take the night as they say goodbye to ER. The evening begins with a retrospective then the ER finale episode airs at nine.

It is hard to believe it has been 15 years since ER first rocked our world.

ER toasts 15 years

ABC counters with new episodes of In the Motherhood and Samantha Who?, then reruns of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.

CBS is all new with Survivor, CSI’s big 200th episode, and then a baby goes missing on Eleventh Hour.

The CW tells a few tales tonight. First it’s Davis Bloom’s family history on Smallville, then Sam and Dean turn up as characters in a popular graphic novel on Supernatural.

Fox has Booth and Bones investigating a murder at the local zoo and that’s followed by a new Hell’s Kitchen.

Over on cable

Travel Channel takes us to Turks and Caicos on Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches.

MTV has new episodes of Making the Band and Taking the Stage.

Sit down with the family for a penguins of Madagascar special on Nickelodeon then switch to Food Network for a new Ace of Cakes.

News and notable

CBS has finally pulled the plug on the longest running TV drama, Guiding Light. The $25,000 Pyramid will likely fill the time slot.

The Project Runway lawsuit has been settled and Lifetime is the winner. Watch for the show to premiere on the new network this summer.

Rumor is that NBC may cancel My Name is Earl but Earl fans fear not, the show may move over to Fox where it is likely a better fit.

AMC has renewed Breaking Bad.

National Treasure’s Justin Bartha has joined the cast of Fox’s comedy The Station.

Cheryl Hines, star of ABC’s new series In the Motherhood, will be guest starring as a college recruiter on Hannah Montana on April 19th.

Miley Cyrus, Cheryl Hines and Billy Ray strike a pose

Photo credit:
American Idol — Megan Joy (R) is eliminated. Also pictured: Kris Allen (L). CR: Michael Becker / Fox Getty Images for Fox
ER: And in the End — Episode 1523 — Pictured: Linda Cardellini, Noah Wyle, John Stamos, cast, staff and crew — NBC Photo: James Stenson
Cheryl Hines photo courtesy of ABC

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