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Adam Sandler and 2 reasons to adore Bedtime Stories

Adam Sandler, Courteney Cox, Keri Russell and two Disney stars of the future bring Bedtime Stories to life. Jonathan Morgan Heit and Laura Ann Kesling spend much of the film being the recipients of Sandler and his dramatic Bedtime Stories.

In Bedtime Stories, Adam Sandler is babysitting his sister’s children when a simple story time becomes anything but. The film arrives on a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack April 5.

Watching Sandler spin fairy tales with him always serving as the hero can produce moments of utterly hilarity, humor that both Heit and Kesling found difficult, honestly. It is impossible to maintain a straight face across a funnyman — Especially when both co-stars are under the age of ten and this is their first film.Adam Sandler entertains in Bedtime StoriesDid we mention Bedtime Stories is from Disney and is directed by the terrific Adam Shankman (Hairspray)?We sat down with the youngest stars of Bedtime Stories to discover what life is like inside the Magic Kingdom for its biggest fans.First, Heit and his boy story and then Kesling chimes in for her little girl living the Disney dream.

Bedtime Stories for every boy

SheKnows: How am I finding you on this fine day?

Jonathan Morgan Heit: Ummm, I’m finding myself in Disney in Los Angeles, California.SheKnows: Well, that’s a pretty good place to be if you’re a kid!Jonathan Morgan Heit: Yes!SheKnows: What were your initial reactions when you first heard you got the part in Bedtime Stories?Jonathan Morgan Heit: I’m going to show you what I did.Jonathan goes deathly quiet.Joanathan Morgan Heit: That’s it.We both laugh.Jonathan Morgan Heit: I couldn’t talk.SheKnows: Well, how about this, how about your family, what were they saying?

Let me read you a story...

Jonathan Morgan Heit: They could talk. The only words that came out of their mouth was ‘Oh…My…Gosh!’

SheKnows: Are you a Southern California kid?Jonathan Morgan Heit: Yes.SheKnows: What, for you, was the hardest challenge making Bedtime Stories?Jonathan Morgan Heit: Trying not to smile (laughs). Because Adam Sandler was hilarious. He was so funny.SheKnows: When you filmed those scenes with Adam Sandler, were you surprised what you saw on screen when the film was done?Jonathan Morgan Heit: Yes, it was funnier than I thought it was going to be.SheKnows: (laughs) And what about the challenge of shooting with special effects, what did you think of what you saw in the finished film?Jonathan Morgan Heit: We didn’t have much special effects. Most of it was real going to location.SheKnows: What was it like to see the finished movie and seeing those special effects and knowing you’re a part of that?Jonathan Morgan Heit: It was pretty amazing. I never knew I could be so big.SheKnows: That’s a good thing when you’re in a movie like this. I have to be honest. For you, what initially made you want to act? Particularly at your age, you have to be committed to go out and have your parents behind you. You saw something and it made you want to act.Walking the Disney red carpetJonathan Morgan Heit: I’ve been acting since I was a little baby. When I was two I had my first play which was MacBeth. I was the most dangerous part.SheKnows: Those are the most fun to play.Jonathan Morgan Heit: Yeah, that was fun.SheKnows: I’m wondering if I’m speaking to a future Disney villain in the making?Jonathan Morgan Heit: (Laughs) Yeah, I guess so.SheKnows: How psyched are you to see your movie at home on DVD.Jonathan Morgan Heit: I’m especially excited to see it on Blu-ray. I want to see it on Blu-ray.

Bedtime Stories for every girl

SheKnows: If you had a memory of when you wanted to act?Laura Ann Kesling: When I wanted to act I was about three or four.SheKnows: Was there a movie or television show that inspired you?Laura Ann Kesling: Every movie and TV show that I watched, I always dreamed that I could do that. Now…SheKnows: You are!Laura Ann Kesling: I asked my mom if I could do that and she said ‘sure.’SheKnows: Were you a native to Los Angeles or did your family have to move for your dreams?Laura Ann Kesling: My family had to move out here. We lived in Phoenix for quite a long time, so we had to move.SheKnows: What were your first impressions of southern California?Laura Ann Kesling: Well, we moved out here for three months with my dad. He would take me to all my auditions. When I got here I thought ‘wow, this is so different from Phoenix.’ I was amazed.Adam Sandler is handing a lot for his niece and nephewSheKnows: When did you first arrive here?Laura Ann Kesling: In 2007, when I was seven years old. It was close to my birthday.SheKnows: How soon after you moved did you have the audition for Bedtime Stories?Laura Ann Kesling: Quite a long time actually afterwards. I was a pretty big decision I think to move here.SheKnows: When you found out you were going to be in Bedtime Stories, did all that being away from Phoenix seem worth it?Laura Ann Kesling: Yeah, it seemed worth it a lot. I came out for that reason and I got it.SheKnows: Were you especially excited because it was a Disney movie?Laura Ann Kesling: I was excited. I watch Disney Channel all the time. I was happy that my first film was Disney.SheKnows: How was it working alongside Adam Sandler? Is he as funny as we think he would be?Laura Ann Kesling: He’s really funny! It was hard for me to keep a straight face in the movie because I couldn’t with Adam.SheKnows: You’re also in a film with Courteney Cox. What was she like on the set?Laura Ann Kesling: I didn’t work with her that much. I thought she was nice, working with her for even that short time was nice for me to experience.

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