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Jesse Metcalfe calls for love

In The Other End of the Line, Jesse Metcalfe and Shriya Saran embark on a cross-continental love affair that begins with a simple call for computer help.

Jesse Metcalfe and Shriya Saran find love

We have an exclusive clip from The Other End of the Line starring the hottie from season one of Desperate Housewives in Metcalfe.

The Other End of the Line is the story of Priya Sethi who works in a call center in India for an American bank. She dreams of American life and culture.

So much so that she makes up an alter ego for her American callers – Jennifer David, native of San Francisco.

When Granger Woodruff (Jesse Metcalfe) rings about some trouble on his credit card, Priya and Granger immediately hit it off. On a whim, Priya flies to meet her American boy.

Metcalfe and Saran embark on an adventure that is equal parts drama and comedy.

A cross-cultural love story in the vein of Slumdog Millionaire is another opportunity to explore the Indian culture and the American fascination with it.

And kudos to the creative team of the film for coming up with an original idea for a romance that fits our time.

The Other End of the Line is now on DVD. Without further ado, here is our exclusive clip from the film.

The Other End of the Line exclusive clip:

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