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Slumdog Millionaire DVD showcases Oscar top dog

Slumdog Millionaire swept the Academy Awards this year and with the film’s arrival on DVD, it is a delight to bring the incredible story home.

2008's best picture Slumdog Millionaire is now on DVDWinner of Best Picture, Best Director, Best Score, Best Song and a four other statues, Slumdog Millionaire is the rare movie that makes you cheer. It is even harder to find a film that produces that type of emotion upon subsequent viewings. Slumdog Millionaire is that film.

The miracle of the DVD and Blu-ray format is showcased on the march 31 release of Slumdog Millionaire. When a film captures the heart of the world as Slumdog has, the bonus features on a home release become all that more valuable. Seeking insight into the elements of the filmmaking process that produced Oscar gold, the DVD extras on Slumdog Millionaire do not disappoint.

Loosely based on the book QnA, Slumdog Millionaire follows the life of three children growing up in the Mumbai, India slums. As small children Jamal (a brilliant Dev Patel) and his brother Salim witness the murder of their mother. The brothers must now look after each other and survive on the streets of Mumbai.

Soon into the story, Jamal meets Latika (a stunning Freida Pinto) and an immediate bond is forged.

The magic of Slumdog Millionaire is how it weaves a tapestry of story that has never been seen before on film. Having Jamal and Lakita’s journey play out through flashbacks generated by Jamal’s answering questions on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Fate, destiny and true love all triumph in Slumdog Millionaire. Its Academy Awards are more than due and having Slumdog on DVD and Blu-ray is a must for anyone who is inspired by the movies.

Slumdog Millionaire extras

An astonishing 12 deleted scenes illustrate how Oscar-winning director had almost too much strong material to craft his film. In fact, director Boyle’s vision is poetically explained through his audio commentary. Along for the commentary ride is star Patel. Hearing Patel’s wonder at the lightning strike that is his first foray into film is pure joy.

The winner takes it all in Slumdog Millionaire

The documentary Slumdog Dreams: Danny Boyle and the making of Slumdog Millionaire is one of the better making-of docs we’ve seen thus far this year.

Slumdog Millionaire DVD video:

Here we have the trailer from the March 31 release of Slumdog Millionaire on Blu-ray and DVD.

Bonus: MIA’s Paper Planes video from the soundtrack 

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