Britney Spears’ call for help

A Britney Spears voicemail has been uncovered asking a lawyer to get her out from under her father’s conservatorship without compromising her tenuous child custody situation.

The voicemail, if truly Britney, could blow the lid off several simmering pots, including the restraining orders against Sam Lufti and Adnan Ghalib, the shutdown of Britney’s biggest fan site by her father-for-hire and the truth behind her comeback.

Take a listen:

Britney Spears out on her Circus tourTranscript:
“Hi my name’s Britney Spears. I called you earlier. I’m calling again because I just wanted to make sure that during the process of eliminating the conservatorship that my father has threatened me several times, you know, he’ll take my children away.

I just want to be guaranteed that everything will be fine with the process of you guys taking care of everything that things will stay the same as far as my custodial time. That’s it, bye.”

How can we be sure it’s really Britney? We can’t, without a confirmation from the woman herself. But, having heard an awful lot of interviews of Britney doing an awful lot of talking, we can say it sure does sound like her. The breathiness, the accent on certain words, etc. all ring true to Brit Brit.

So what does this mean?

Sam Lufti and Adnan Ghalib both claim Britney has been in contact with them to get out of the clutches of her father, who is being paid upwards of $18,000 a month to keep Britney’s life together. Lawyers hired by Jamie Spears on her behalf call the two men stalkers trying to feed off of Brit’s success. This voicemail lends more credence to the claims of Lufti and Ghalib, and paints Jamie Spears as a manipulative Svengali whose concern is not for the well-being of Britney herself, but of her bank account.

This is what BreatheHeavy owner Jordan Miller suspected all along, and that belief is a major reason why Jamie Spears wants Miller’s site wiped off the internet.

In the meantime, Britney continues her tour, lining other people’s pockets with her gold.

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