Gossip Girl romances while Dancing Stars samba

Hey, baby! That’s a shout-out from Jared Padalecki of The CW’s Supernatural. I spent the whole weekend at a convention for the show and what a blast. Jared and his co-star Jensen Ackles had the whole crowd in stitches when they took the stage to answer questions March 29.

Jared had this hysterical fascination with a baby in the audience and Jensen was having a great time showing how he could make the crowd cheer louder and softer with the wave of his hands. Like magic! Other guests included Alona Tal, Samantha Smith, Aldis Hodge (Leverage) and the very popular Supernatural angel Misha Collins who was stunned by the number of people in the audience. Yes, we’re impressive like that!

Supernatural's Jared Jensen loves SheKnows!

So while I get out from under (you know no one in my household shopped for groceries while I was gone.) you stay here and read about what’s on TV tonight.

Ed Westwick boogies down on tonight's Gossip Girl

Tonight On TV — Monday, March 30

ABC is all glitz and glamour starting with Dancing with the Stars, then it’s that famous mystery author Castle on the trail of another killer. Don’t miss Dancing with the Stars tonight: Ty’s going to shock you!

CBS goes for laughs with The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, and Rules of Engagement, then Ryan is kidnapped on CSI: Miami.

The CW offers up Jenny’s sweet 16 party on Gossip Girl, then Brooke gets a surprise on One Tree Hill.

Fox works with an accident victim who can’t move or communicate on House, then more lives are in jeopardy on 24.

NBC goes with guest star Tricia Helfer on Chuck, followed by a new Heroes, then Allison becomes a human lie detector on Medium.

Over on cable

Jesse McCartney goes back to school with a brand new season of Greek on ABC Family.

VH1 has new episodes of I Love Money 2 and For the Love of Ray J.

Anthony Bourdain visits Greece on Travel Channel’s No Reservations.

Saving Grace is new on TNT and so is The Hills on MTV.

News and notable

Fox is developing a series called More to Love that is The Bachelor for overweight people. I dig it.

After only one airing, ABC has cut In the Motherhood down from thirteen episodes to seven. The order could go back up if the ratings improve but I wouldn’t count on it.

ABC is bringing Ben Hur to the small screen in the form of a four-hour mini-series. No air date has been set.

Brooke Shields says goodbye to Lipstick JungleIn honor of the high unemployment across the US, VH1 is going with New York Goes to Work, which will follow Tiffany “New York” Pollard as she takes on different jobs chosen by the viewing audience.

Deadliest Catch returns to Discovery on April 14. Then it’s the premiere of their new series Pitchmen which has infomercial star Billy Mays judging the pitches of other inventors.

Kathleen Turner is joining Showtime’s Californication as Evan’s crazy boss.

MTV is trying something old and different – they’re programming music videos from 3 am until 9 am. What a concept!

According to Brooke Shields, via E!Online, Lipstick Jungle has officially been canceled — just in case you were waiting for it to come back.

Photo credit:
Supernatural: The Monster at the End of This Book – Jensen Ackles as Dean, Jared Padalecki as Sam. Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW
Gossip Girl: Remains of the J — Pictured: Jessica Szohr as Vanessa and Ed Westwick as Chuck Photo Credit: Giovanni Rufino / The CW
Lipstick Jungle — Pictured: Brooke Shields as Wendy Healy — NBC Photo: Nicole Rivelli


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