Britney Spears fan site shut down

Mar 28, 2009 at 11:10 p.m. ET

A Brtiney Spears fan site has been threatened with a lawsuit by Jamie Spears to shut down immediately.

BreatheHeavy will draw its last breath if Britney's controlling pop Jamie Spears has anything to say about it. He sent his lawyers after Jordan Miller, owner and webmaster of -- a site that has been running for five years, and showing nothing but support to the often troubled pop tart the entire time.

Miller wrote on the site:

"I have been battling the conservatorship Britney is currently placed under for months now. When I did not conform to the requests and demands Britney's management and father, Jamie Spears, recently put upon BreatheHeavy to stay quiet, they in turn became angry and malicious, launching, what I feel is an unjust attack, against me and my website.

As a result, I received a legal notice from Jamie Spears'lawyers pressuring me to close by 3:00 p.m. March 27, 2009, or face an injunction, claiming they will pursue legal action by Jamie Spears, who, as a conservator, is legally allowed to act as Britney and sue using her money and lawyers."

"Britney doesn't control her affairs," says Brad Rose, the lawyer representing Britney in this case in a telephone conversation. "You are an uber fan who's gone a little too far."

The legal notice states BreatheHeavy is not in compliance of Copyright Infringement laws, violating Britney's rights of publicity and privacy...

"The real issue, in my opinion, is hidden behind these Copyright Infringement claims, rather management, particularly her father-conservator, Jamie Spears, who makes $18,000 a month off his daughter, is desperately trying to hide the truth about Britney's imprisonment, and shut anyone up who disagrees with their conniving and selfish exploitation of an innocent mother of 2 pushed back into the lime-light just several months after a hospitalization...

Though I made very clear to the attorneys that BreatheHeavy is a non-profitable website, it is of no concern of theirs...

This entire site thrives because of you, the fans, who support Britney by buying tickets to her show, merchandise and music. Sadly, your hard-earned money that goes to supporting your favorite celebrity, is now money being used to potentially sue me, a major fan and supporter of Britney Spears, and hide fans from knowing the truth. This conservatorship Britney is placed under, which controls every aspect of her life, is now clenching the future of her biggest Fansite."

Miller is attempting to circumvent a major part of the complaint -- that he is profiting off Britney's work and image -- by switching from supporting the site via ad revenue to user donations. He says it costs about $350 to run the site.

He also claims Jamie Spears told him, "I will destroy your ass."

And you can bet Britney has absolutely no idea any of this is going on.

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