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Katy Perry and Josh Groban deny romance

Are Katy Perry and Oprah’s favorite singer Josh Groban hooking up? The evidence may speak for itself.

Katy Perry sings live in London

Have you ever left your house in sweats to go to Starbucks or run errands and secretly thought, it’s a good thing I’m not famous or the paparazzi would be snapping pics in otherwise unflattering poses?

Okay, maybe that’s just us. Or if you’re romantically linked to someone and you have to constantly deny rumors? Just us again? Really?

When it comes to a love life, Katy Perry may sing Kiss a Girl but the songstress seems to be in the news for her love life with the guys quite a lot. In the latest celebrity gossip, she and Josh Groban have denied the rumors that they’re romantically linked.

According to Groban’s rep, Perry confirms they’re very close friends and hang out. But no, they are not a couple.

Congratulations Groban’s rep, you just let the cat out of the bag. “Very close friends” in celebrity circles is code for “they’re totally hooking up!”

This one’s a tough one too: you’re friends and respect someone and then here people jump to conclusions.

But, this is celebrity!

Recently, Perry split with Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes in January. McCoy and Perry frequently had public spats and it wasn’t uncommon to read their blog about it. Katy Perry is currently rocking out to her tour, One of the Boys. As for Groban, who we think is absolutely fabulous too, he is working on a new album.

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