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ANTM sleeps while American Idol goes Motown

President Obama bumped American Idol for a night. The top 10 are performing Motown and our favorite American Idol singers had to sit on it for a night? Finally, American Idol 10 best singers do their best to tackle the music that defined an era.

Toddlers and Tiaras continues to draw viewersDon’t miss our American Idol recap after the show!

In other TV news, at their recent up-fronts, Hallmark Channel stated that they are “offering predictability in an unpredictable world.” They say it’s comforting to watch shows where the good guy always wins, the girl gets the man of her dreams and Steve-O is sent home instead of Belinda Carlisle.

Yes, I’m still carrying that sparkly, high-heeled chip on my shoulder from the first Dancing with the Stars elimination this season. I’m not exactly crying over the loss of Denise Richards last night, but neither of the Steve’s even made the bottom two? That’s sympathy voting, right there. Next week will be a double elimination so that should help clear out some of the dead wood. Not a very exciting results show but I always enjoy seeing the pros dance, so there’s that.

Before Dancing with the Stars, I watched Reaper on The CW. The devil sent his favorite son, Morgan to learn a few lessons from Sam. As could be expected (which should make Hallmark executives happy), Sam did all the work and Morgan got all the glory. I’m not loving this side story about Ben’s romantic relationship with a demon. Give me more devil time and I’ll keep tuning in.

After Dancing with the Stars I headed off to a pageant in Pennsylvania along with Toddlers & Tiaras. I’ve been watching Toddlers & Tiaras for weeks and I’m still perplexed by this whole Supreme, Grand Supreme — it’s better if they don’t call your name and business. The four-years olds seem to get it, but I haven’t got a clue. I did love that little firecracker who was nothing but shy and resistant throughout the whole episode, only to go on stage and wow the crowd. That’s a toddler for you, doing what they want when they want and not a second before. Actually, I know a few grown-ups who fit that bill as well…

What I want, is my weekly dose of American Idol. We’ll get our American Idol fix and more tonight on TV. Just look at what’s on tonight.

Tonight On TV –Wednesday, March 25

Allison strikes a pose on America's Next Top ModelABC begins with sitcoms Scrubs and Better Off Ted. Then one survivor goes off the grid on Lost endangering the others, and two detectives are nearly killed on Life on Mars.

CBS begins with Survivor, then an arsonist is the target on Criminal Minds, and finally the CSI: NY gang goes into action when a Native American chief is shot in the subway.

The CW has an America’s Next Top Model slumber party and you’re invited. After that, stick around for a repeat of 90210.

Fox has two hours of American Idol tonight thanks to the President’s conference yesterday. It’s Motown week so no one, except possibly Simon, should be complaining about the song choices.

NBC staggers along with another episode of Chopping Block, then a coroner ends up on his own slab on Life, and the detectives discover a TV love triangle on Law & Order.

Over on cable

Little Miss Perfect is new on WE as is High School Reunion on TVLand.

MTV visits The Real World and History Channel looks for Bigfoot on Monster Quest.

HGTV has a few new episodes of House Hunters and Renovation Realities or get a bit to eat with Food Network’s Man v. Food.

News & notable

E! has renewed Chelsea Lately through 2012, which thrills me to no end. She’s my favorite talk show host.

TLC is preparing to unveil their own Ace of Cakes, it’s Buddy Valastro from the Food Network Challenges and he’ll be starring in his own reality show called Cake Boss.

Bob Barker will be stopping by for an episode of Price is Right. It’s said to be part of a new initiative to bring on celebs to announce a prize or two.

Bob Barker visits his old stomping grounds for charity

In an odd move, Fox ordered six new episodes of Bones saying that this is not an official fifth season pick-up. Makes me think they want to see where the writers will take the show after a game-changer season ender.

WGN is working on a series called Around the World for Free which features former Amazing Race winner Alex Boylan doing exactly that.

All My Children’s Colin Egglesfield and Stephanie Jacobsen of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles will be joining the other beautiful people who live at The CW’s Melrose Place.

Photo credit:
Toddlers & Tiaras — Photo Credit: TLC, Rebecca Drobis
America’s Next Top Model — Pictured: Allison. Photo Credit: Jim DeYonker, Pottle Productions Inc
The Price is Right — Pictured: Bob Barker. Photo: Monty Brinton, CBS

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