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Being Erica serves up MVP’s hot dish

Ever wish you could go back and change your past? Erica is about to get that chance and that’s the crux of SoapNet’s newest original series, Being Erica.

Erica is a 32-year-old, perpetually single lady is stuck in a series of dead-end jobs while her friends her all moving forward, to marriage and kids and climbing the corporate ladder. When an accident lands her in the hospital, Erica meets the mysterious Dr. Tom, a therapist who knows a little more than he should about her life and her past.

Seems Erica has a lot of regrets and these regrets are holding her back, so Dr. Tom arranges for her to go back in time where she can make amends. From missed opportunities, to lost friends, to words spoken in anger that you wish you could take back, there’s something here everyone can relate to in Being Erica, the newest drama on SoapNet.

Need one more reason to watch? How about Dillon Casey, aka Trevor Lemonde, the sexy, but naive rookie on SoapNet’s MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives. Dillon is making his second of five appearances on Being Erica on April 9 and I’m told he’ll be whipping up the best breakfast any girl can imagine.

Being Erica has a MVP

All I know is my imagination ran pretty wild when I saw those new photos of Dillon from the show. Seems like he’s bulked up some since his MVP days. Yes, indeed, it looks like Erica is going to have beefcake for breakfast and if I can’t join her, the least I can do is watch.

Cooking breakfast? What time, we'll be right over Erica

Check out Being Erica every Thursday at 10:00 on SoapNet. Sometimes to go forward, you have to go back.

Photo credit: (Temple Street Productions/Stephen Scott)

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