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Dancing with the Stars recap: week three

This is not a Dancing with the Stars recap repeat. There was yet another ambulance run connected with this week’s Dancing with the Stars. This time it was Steve Wozniak who was taken away during a rehearsal, thanks to a pulled hamstring.

Still, Wozniak returned to dance again and was surprising no worse than his usual self. Loved the song choice, Jump in the Line but am I the only one who thought Karina’s dress was a tribute to Beetlejuice, the movie that made that song popular?

Denise Richards proves she's stiff on Dancing with the Stars

Denise the worst?

The trouble here is that he’s entertaining, so is that worse than slightly better dancers who are just not entertaining at all to watch (Denise)?

Next on the list of waltzing wounded is Steve-O back and struggling with partner Lacey. If they aren’t eliminated tonight, they should turn in their dancing shoes. It’s clear that Steve-O is in great pain and it makes no sense for him to continue this way. Poor Lacey is always one crack away from tears — it hurts to watch, so let’s end this now.

Speaking of, it hurts to watch, Denise just doesn’t have it in any way, shape or form and not even Maks can make it work. I don’t know what’s wrong, but every dance looks awkward and it’s uncomfortable to watch. Her low marks could put her up for elimination tonight. And what were they thinking putting her in a black dress for what should be a flirty, happy Samba?

Chuck and Julianne did a Foxtrot to All I Want to Do. Love the song, but not as Foxtrot material. Still, these two look so sweet together I want them to stay around for awhile longer on the Dancing with the Stars stage.

Holy and Dmitry were barely a blip on the radar with their awkward Samba. Holly’s another pretty girl that should be better than she is and the costumers aren’t doing her any favors with her wardrobe. How can you watch her feet when overflow in the bust line is so very clear?

Lawrence and Edyta earned my respect this week with a Samba that was actually fun and full of bounce. I don’t see the football great winning this thing, but he’s definitely improved.

Foxtrot fever

Holly: another stiff dancerDavid Alan Grier and Kym Johnson also moved up a notch in my book with a slick Foxtrot to Come Rain or Come Shine. The Foxtrot, like the Quickstep is a dance I like to see done 40’s style and these two got it right. A nice surprise.

Shawn and Mark got their usual high marks for an elegant Foxtrot. I did thing it was smooth and flowing but now I feel there’s something lacking. Emotion, maybe? Or some extra entertainment value? They need something to move up that notch into first place.

Gilles and Cheryl pulled out a sexy Samba, but did anyone think they wouldn’t? Gilles makes every move look easy and sexy and let’s face it, some guys look downright silly doing those hip-wagging walks. He simply looked hot, hot, hot. But now he needs to wow.

Melissa and Tony also turned in a gorgeous, flowing Foxtrot as expected, but they too need to find the wow factor. I loved when the judges said it was obvious that dancing came easily to Melissa and Tony shook his head with a wide-eyed, oh no it doesn’t! I guess that’s the mark of a real pro. You work and sweat and the audience things it happened without any effort at all.

Lil’ Kim and Derek let loose with a joyous and sexy Samba. Kim really loosened up and it was great.

Mr. Jewel is jamming!

The last surprise of the Dancing with the Stars evening (and not for all the right reasons) was Ty and Chelsie and their debonair Foxtrot. It was much better than expected by still Chelsie slipped and had to be up righted by her partner and then they missed some steps in another portion. Still, with all of those flaws they got a 23. I think they judged Ty based on his improvement and not the dance itself. But maybe that’s how they should be judging. What do you think?

This week’s best and worst

Best Dress: None of them wow’d me tonight, but I did enjoy Karina’s Beetlejuice inspired costume. Very cute.

Worst Dress: Lacey’s flesh-colored gown washed her out, looked hard to move in and the ruffle at the top looked like a fluffy snake going for her throat.

Best song choice: Steve and Karina’s Jump in the Line

Worst song choice: Chuck and Julianne’s All I Want to Do

Who will be eliminated tonight? I’m thinking Steve-O or Holly. I have the feeling Wozniak is staying in on the Cloris Leachman rule.

Watch Dancing with the Stars after the President Obama’s primetime press conference on ABC.

Photos: ABC/Kelsey McNeal

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