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Dancing with the Stars cuts a star

Dancing with the Stars sends someone home while President Obama holds a live White House press conference sending TV tonight into a scramble.

I am in love with Nathan Fillion’s Castle. Yes, I know I had a few harsh words for the series the first week out, but they’ve found their groove and it’s great! Last night the show gave Castle’s character a much needed fatal flaw and let us see the softer side of the snarky mystery writer. The story revolved around a group of privileged teens who were involved in the death of one of their classmates. Every time the kids are interviewed a new lie is revealed leaving Castle to wonder if he really knows his own daughter as well as he thinks he does.

Fillion works his magic as Castle

As a parent of a teen, I totally related to the scene of Castle sitting in his daughter’s room watching her sleep. When you realize that you simply have to trust they are at a friend’s house when they say they are — that’s scary. Kudos to Fillion for showing us Castle’s human side this early on. Beside that, I still adore the banter between him and his mother. Great stuff.
There were more slips and missteps and another ambulance ride on Dancing with the Stars. I’ll get to all of that in my full recap a little later on today.

In the meantime, here’s how tonight might look — the President is speaking so shows have been preempted and moved around. Check your local listings for any show you don’t want to miss.

Tonight On TV –Tuesday, March 24

ABC has the President Obama Press Conference, then the Dancing with the Stars results show and Primetime: What Would You Do?

CBS also begins with the President, then the NCIS team has a murder weapon but no murder, that’s followed by a new episode of The Mentalist.

NCIS investigates tonight on CBS

The CW loves brothers who hunt together, tonight it’s the devil’s son joining Sam on The Reaper, then it’s a rerun of 90210.
Fox goes with the President’s Press Conference and follows that with a new House.

NBC has the Biggest Loser: Couples after the President speaks.

Over on cable

Tonight marks the final of another season of The Bad Girl’s Club on Oxygen.

Discovery Health is in mommy mode with new episodes of I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant and Deliver Me.

The Last Restaurant Standing crew must cook for some demanding clients tonight on BBCAmerica.

Three sisters compete for the crown on TLC’s Toddlers & Tiaras and MTV is still trying to go From G’s to Gents.

News and notable

Did you notice that video missing from YouTube? It had Chad Michael Murray telling a fan that he was being cut from One Tree Hill due to budget issues. Warner Brothers had no comment.

Chad Michael Murray is excelling on One Tree Hill

TBS is moving into the talk show world with their own late-night host, George Lopez. The series will debut in November with an “outdoor, street party atmosphere.”

Cartoon Network is in development on My Dad’s a Pro, a series about the children of NBA players.

The Associated Press is reporting that Kiefer Sutherland will sign on for an eighth season of 24. But seriously, how many terrorist attacks can one man prevent in a lifetime? Apparently Kiefer can handle eight 24s!

Amanda Bynes has signed on to an ABC pilot called Canned.

TVLand has announced that they will be saluting M*A*S*H, Married with Children, Home Improvement, Magnum P.I., Knots Landing and Two and a Half Men at this year’s TVLand Awards. The show is scheduled to air April 26.

Photo credit:
Castle — Pictured: Nathan Fillion. Photo ABC
NCIS: Hide and Seek — DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and the team investigate a military family after a shocking discovery is made on a navy base. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS
One Tree Hill: We Change, We Wait — Pictured (L-R) James Van Der Beek as Reese and Chad Michael Murray as Lucas Scott. Photo: Fred Norris /The CW

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