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David Letterman marries Regina Lasko

David Letterman marries Regina Lasko and the entertainment world is shocked. Letterman married longtime girlfriend Lasko in Montana last week and let the news slip on his show.

David Letterman and Regina Lasko out for a strollLetterman and Lasko have a son together and the couple had been dating for 18 years.

It’s been an incredible week for celebrity marriages with Bruce Willis marrying his model girlfriend and Harrison Ford popping the question to Calista Flockheart.

Letterman and Lasko married at a courthouse in Montana and the late night talk show host proved his love for Lasko and his commitment to marrying her by rescuing her on the way to the Montana courthouse.

The couple’s car got stuck on the mud on the way to their courthouse wedding. Letterman had to walk two miles back to his house in 50 mile-an-hour winds.

“It’s not Beverly Hills – it’s Montana,” Letterman says on his show last night.

“Regina and I began dating in February of 1986, and I said, ‘Well, things are going pretty good, let’s just see what happens in about 10 years,'” jokes Letterman.

“I had avoided getting married pretty good for, like, 23 years, and I — honestly, whether this happened or not — I secretly felt that men who were married admired me…like I was the last of the real gunslingers, you know what I’m saying?'” Letterman says.

David Letterman and Regina Lasko have been dating for 18 years and have a five-year-old son together. It sure seemed as if Letterman would be forever committed, but not legally. Anyone who can put up with the comic’s outrageous sense of humor and sometimes infantile ways for 18 years deserves a ring and Regina Lasko finally got one.

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