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Warner Brothers premiere DVD classics

Warner Brothers is opening its archive and releasing 150 classic films for the first time on DVD. Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds enjoyed success as one of Warner’s great stars and many of her films are in this collection.

Tony Randall and Debbie Reynolds hoof it up in Mating GameDebbie Reynolds recently sat down and spoke to SheKnows about her greatest Warner’s memories, whether on the screen or on the lot.

The Warner Archive contains feature films that star some of the most known Hollywood legends.

From Elizabeth Taylor, Cary Grant to Katherine Hepburn and Clark Gable, the Warner release of their classic invite an entirely new generation to appreciate cinematic classics.

Reynolds visited the Today show earlier, but gave SheKnows a shout-out long before Kathy Lee interviewed her in NBC.

Debbie Reynolds says hi to SheKnows

Hollywood royalty has announced that she is a fan of SheKnows.

On behalf of her studio that used to call her “our own actress,” Reynolds talks (below) about what we can expect from Warner’s upcoming releases.

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Debbie plays The Mating Game

Warner Brothers sent SheKnows one of the films being released on March 23, Reynolds The Mating Game. The film is evidence of the spectacular collection that is arriving today for audiences worldwide.

Tony Randall is an IRS agent about to meet the woman of his dreams in a farmer’s daughter (Reynolds). Directed by legendary George Marshall, The Mating Game is a pure delight exemplifying the great work in the Warner Archive.

To check out the entire collection, be sure to visit for DVD and On-Demand showings of Warner’s long-lost classics.

Twenty titles will be added to the DVD and On-Demand play list each month. The 85-year history of Warners is on display with each DVD title priced at $19.95 and the On-Demand service for $14.95.

Debbie Reynolds on first Warner impressions

Here, Debbie paints an incredible picture of what life was like on the set of a Hollywood studio when the town was run by the studios.

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The Mating Game exclusive

In this exclusive clip for SheKnows from Warner Brothers, Tony Randall is first introduced to the family he has been sent to audit. Everything seems pretty normal until the beautiful Debbie Reynolds enters the room and suddenly, Randall can’t think straight.

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