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Dancing Stars and Gossip Girl gets grandpa

Gossip Girl welcomes a grandpa while Dancing with the Stars boogies without getting any more injuries. Meanwhile, CBS rolls with all new episodes of all its hit comedies including How I Met Your Mother.

Running in Heels has our attentionTV weekend update:

On my favorite weekend TV series, Running in Heels, Samantha left work early on Friday in order to meet up with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, the Marie Claire yearly beauty product sale fell on that same day which gave fellow interns Talita and Ashley plenty of complain about. The whole question of work over personal life is one many people deal with on a daily basis, and though it’s certainly healthy to take that break and go see your beau, it can make you look less than dedicated in your boss’ eyes. In her weekly follow up blog on, Samantha says her boss approved her leaving early and as for it keeping her from getting a job at the magazine in the end, she doesn’t care. She says she’s not interested in a full-time job because she intends to go back to school when it’s over. What? So why take the Running in Heels internship in the first place? Why deprive someone who would really love a job at Marie Claire from taking the space? Yes, it’s a learning experience, but publishing and fashion are two highly competitive industries and I’d rather have an intern who plans on staying in for the long haul.

Geez, I didn’t realize I felt so passionate about it! Better move on to other things like the America’s Next Top Model marathons on Oxygen. This is the only reality show that I can watch over and over again and Oxygen has added little pop-up trivia bubbles to the episodes so it’s even more fun the second time around. Visit for Top Model Obsessed — their own little club with interviews, photos, trivia and more.

Plan on parking it in front of the TV all night tonight, there are dozens of new shows on including the premiere of two new shows on ABCFamily and one on TLC. Read on for details.

Tonight On TV — Monday, March 23

The CW has one of my favorites, James Naughton gusting as Nate’s grandfather on Gossip Girl, then Lucas’ movie hits a snag on One Tree Hill.

Nate visits with his grandfather on Gossip girl

ABC fills the night with mystery. First it’s the perplexing case of the injured dancers on Dancing with the Stars, and then a dead teen is found in a rowboat on Castle.

CBS begins with their usual comedies, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, and Rules of Engagement, then it’s a home invasion gone wrong on CSI: Miami.

Fox solves medical mysteries on House, then it’s off to the shipyard for Jack and Tony on 24.

NBC gives Chuck a chance to go back to his old life, but will he take it? The Rebel is revealed on Heroes, and a dead detective need the help of the Medium in order to solve one last case.

Over on cable

ABCFamily launches two new shows tonight, Roomates which is sort of an updated Friends and Sophie which is an updated Felicity. Both promising new shows which are bookended by the season finale of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

TLC has the season finale of Jon & Kate Plus 8 before the premiere of their new series Table for 12.

A&E has a new Paranormal State and Masters of Illusion is new on MyNetwork TV.

Adam Will Work for Food on The Food Network and there’s a new Saving Grace on TNT.

Bones will visit The Family Guy?News and notable

DirectTV has made a bold move, picking up short-lived network series that have unaired episodes. They’ve chosen to air Ray Liotta’s Smith, a heist show co-staring Simon Baker, hostage drama The Nine and Tim Daly’s Eyes about a risk management company.

We’re happy to hear that Mariska Hargitay is back on the set of Law & Order after she suffered a partial lung collapse.

Courtney Thorne-Smith and Lucy Hale have been cast in the Lifetime Original Sorority Wars.

Fox has renewed Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares.

Battlestar Galactica’s Mary McDonnell has joined the cast of The Closer.

Lost’s Elizabeth Mitchell will be joining the fight on the ABC scifi series V.

Entertainment Weekly says that David Boreanaz’s character on Bones will have a health crisis that leads him to hallucinate that he’s getting a visit from Stewie of Family Guy. Are they serious? Talk about cross-promotion. Next thing you know 24’s Jack Bauer will be preventing an attack on the American Idol stage. Actually, that might be cool…

Photo credit:
Running in Heels — Pictured: Samantha, Ashley and Talita. Photo: Style Network
Gossip Girl: The Grandfather — Pictured: James Naughton as William van der Bilt, Chace Crawford as Nate Photo Credit: Giovanni Rufino / The CW
Bones — Pictured: David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel Credit: Greg Gayne/Fox

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