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Battlestar Galactica: one last mission

Battlestar Galactica calls it quits after tonight’s episode. Meanwhile, the action packing ladies of Fox rock tonight on Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse.

Pass the tissues please. Last night’s Supernatural was crushing! Poor Dean Winchester, as if it wasn’t bad enough that his beloved brother might go dark side, now he finds out that it was his own weakness that is bringing about the end of the world. Yikes! I don’t think he can take much more, and man, oh man Jensen Ackles does know how to work it when it comes to playing “broken.” He slays me with that quivering lip and that single tear.

Jared Padalecki strikes a pose on Supernatural

Then there’s little brother Sammy (Jared Padalecki) who has taken up sucking demon blood in order to get a paranormal power boost. Is it wrong that I found that hot? Hey, can’t be worse than lusting over heavenly angel Castiel as played by Misha Collins. And next weekend, I’ll be seeing all of them in person as I attend the Supernatural convention in Los Angeles — prepare for full-on swooning for several days after.

Last night I cleared Life and Law & Order off the DVR. Life was the introduction of Gabrielle Union as Crews’ new partner and I was underwhelmed. The show has lost its spark and I hear it’s on the way out. It used to be one of my favorites but it’s simply not working anymore.Law & Order was an interesting tale about the death of a writer who was working on a book about an American spy. Lots of twists and turns that I didn’t see coming and I’m still really digging on Jeremy Sisto but I don’t know if I love it enough to stay tuned for another season. I think this franchise is on the way out, too.Tonight’s a big one for the Sci Fi crowd and basketball fans. Check this out.

Tonight On TV –Wednesday, March 20

One last trip for the Battlestar gangFox is action-central tonight as Jesse’s submarine machine causes trouble for the Connors on Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, then Echo becomes the perfect wife for an Internet mogul on Dollhouse.The CW has new episodes of Everybody Hates Chris and The Game, and that’s followed by a repeat of this week’s America’s Next Top Model.NBC has two episodes of Howie Do It, then JD’s dad squeezes the press one more notch on Friday Night Lights. That’s followed by a new Dateline.ABC gets real with Wife Swap, Supernanny, and 20/20.CBS has the NCAA Basketball Tournament so check your local listings for what’s on in your neck of the woods.

Over on cable

Battlestar Galactica wraps up the entire series tonight on SCI FI Channel.Starz pulls the wraps off two new series, Head Case an unscripted comedy about a therapist and her celebrity patients and Party Down about a group of Hollywood hopefuls working at a catering company. Don’t miss our preview of both shows here.Soap star Eileen Davidson guests on National Geographic’s Dog Whisperer and that’s followed by a new Dogtown.Travel Channel is all about the creepy tonight ending with a new Most Haunted.Also, tune in to WE TV this weekend for the premiere of the new reality show The Locator. That’s Saturday at 9:00.

News & notable

Trust Me no more?One Tree Hill goes Sims next week as the series and the game are combined for some fun graphical elements threaded throughout the episode. Visit The CW online to download your favorite character done Sims styleIn Treatment returns for season number two on HBO starting April 5.VH1 has ordered ten new episodes of their classic series Behind the Music.Supermodel Elle Macpherson has been cast as the head of a modeling agency (imagine that) in the new CW series Beautiful Life.Phil Collins’ daughter Lily Collins will guest on 90210 in May.Eric McCormack signed on to star in a new ABC pilot, which pretty much means his new TNT series Trust Me isn’t coming back.Photo credit:
Supernatural: On The Head of a Pin – Jared Padalecki as Sam. Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/ The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Battlestar Galactica: Daybreak — Pictured: Mary McDonnell as President Laura Roslin — SCI FI Channel Photo: Carole Segal
Trust Me — Eric McCormack. Photo Credit: Karen Neal

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