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Obama goes on Leno

President Obama sat on the Tonight Show stage with Jay Leno and was as comfortable in Hollywood as he is in the White House.

We’ve got clips and quotes from the interview that was historic. President Obama is the first sitting president to visit a late night talk show…ever! Candidates frequent the late show couches all the time. Bill Clinton famously played his saxophone on the Arsenio Hall Show during his first campaign for the White House.

Obama was there as a president first and a late night guest second. He used the forum to further explain to the American people what he is doing to tackle the greatest crisis this country has seen “since the great Depression,” as Obama says.

President Obama and Jay Leno on March 19 Tonight Show

The president tells how his entire life has changed by going inside “The Bubble.” Many wondered what would happen to this “people’s president” when the reality that is the presidency surrounded his affable self.

Obama describes the simple task of getting off an airplane.

“We landed at the fairground down in Costa Mesa. And I see the fairground where I think we’re having this town hall and I said, well, why don’t we walk over there? Secret Service says, no, sir, it’s 750 yards,” Obama says as the crowd laughs.

“So I was trying to calculate –- well, that’s like a five-minute walk? “Yes, sir. Sorry.” (Laughter.) Now, they let me walk on the way back. But, you know, the doctor is behind me with the defibrillator. (Laughter.)”

Yes, the president did well. But did he explain to the American people as advertised about what needs to be done to get this country moving again?

Obama on Jay Leno

You judge! Here’s a highlight:

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