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Ugly Betty lives another day

Ugly Betty is getting a makeover while Private Practice gets tragic.

Alexis heads home on American IdolAnother American Idol was sent packing. I was scared when Ryan started the show saying the results would be surprising. Not to me they weren’t. The bottom three were Allison, Michael and Alexis and I could have seen any one of them go home and not shed a tear. In the end it was Alexis who sang her farewell number, missing out on the Idol tour by one week.

Before that I watched the girls take runway lessons from Miss J on America’s Next Top Model and then it was a NY neighborhood fashion shoot where the girls had to play a character. Overall, a pretty boring shoot and a slow-moving episode, just nothing much to see here.

I know I said I wouldn’t watch Chopping Block again but apparently I forgot tell my DVR that so it recorded and I watched. It was a little more interesting than last week but there’s still very little cooking going on in this show. Last night, each team had to cater a party for a fashion designer and neither one did very well. One kitchen even tried to serve the fish the designer specifically asked them not to serve! Way to make friends and influence people. Who went home? I don’t remember because I’m not interested in these people.

Life and Law & Order are still on the DVR but tonight is a super crazy Supernatural! Oh the things Sam has been doing behind Dean’s back. Let’s just say you’ll either find it totally disgusting or incredibly hot. I’m leaning toward hot.

Here’s what else is on.

Tonight On TV –Thursday, March 19

ABC gives Ugly Betty a makeover, Grey’s Anatomy does a makeover their way, with a face transplant, and it’s a sad episode of Private Practice when a woman loses her unborn baby.

The CW is full of thrills and chills tonight. First up Tess stages and accident to get to Clark on Smallville, then someone is killing angels on what looks to be a brutal episode of Supernatural.

Fox has Booth and Bones going back to high school with guest star Monique Coleman and then someone is sent home during service on Hell’s Kitchen.Bones has a baby?NBC begins with My Name is Earl, The Office and 30 Rock, then Neela prepares to leave County on ER.

CBS has the NCAA Basketball Tournament tonight so check your local listings for what’s on in your area.

Over on cable

MTV has the premiere of their new show Taking the Stage at 10:00. Think Fame meets High School Musical.

Still chilly where you live? Get warm with Travel Channel’s beach marathon.

SoapNet has a new episode of Being Erica, Ace of Cakes bakes a Girl Scout cookie cake on The Food Network and champagne ahoy on Discovery’s Treasure Quest.

BBCAmerica has a show called 100 Men Own My Breasts. I have no idea what it’s about but the name is too good to pass up. It’s on at 9:00.

News & notable

Ellen DeGeneres will play Mother Nature in a new comedy movie scheduled to film this summer.

NBC is working on The Sing Off, an a cappella singing competition where the winner gets a recording contract. Say what?

Freddie Prinze Jr. has joined the cast of No Heroics along with Paul Campbell, Eliza Coupe and Arielle Kebbel. The group play b-grade superheroes that live here among us mortals.

DIY has announced a new slate of shows including 10 Grand in Your Hand, where renovators are taught how to save money by doing certain tasks themselves. Garage Mahal turns a garage into a showplace and Wreck and Roll has buildings being fully destroyed in a Beat the Clock manner.

WE TV also has some new shows including Most Popular, a game show with Graham Norton, Platinum Babies, about upscale parents who want only the best for their child and You’re Wearing That, where mothers and daughters both get a style makeover.

Photo credit:
American Idol: Alexis Grace is eliminated. CR: Ray Mickshaw / FOX. L-R: Alexis Grace, Michael Sarver and Ryan Seacrest.
Bones: The Salt in the Wounds — Booth (David Boreanaz, C) questions high school students Alyssa (Kayla Ewell, R) and Becca (guest star Monique Coleman, C) when the body of one of their friends is found in a mound of salt in a city de-icing truck. Credit: Mark Lipson/FOX

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